F-35 and Ram Jet

In 1997, the federal government made an announcement that it signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to purchase F-35 Lightning II.  The vendor was obligated to fulfill its promise by 2010. However, in 2012 Auditor General of Canada released· a report about then F-35 in a negative light that these airplanes were not capable of what the Lockheed Martin promised. The tricky part of this contract comes to this point that if Canada withdrew from the contract, the Lockheed corporate would reallocate $825 million to another nation. This is a substantial amount of taxpayers money to be toyed around by a corporate in this arbitrary fashion. The issue here is not that Canada is not fulfilling its promise, but the corporate itself is failing to fulfill its original promise of delivering airplanes to Canada. Eventually, this contract will cost Canadians $1 billion. Also, it will cost an additional $10 billion to maintain these fighter jets. There are two questions that they come to mind. How many jet fighters Canada is buying? Why is Canada not charging this corporate for failing not delivering the planes on time?

The core of this paper comes to this point that the US military complex has knowledge of Ram Jet technology that is not relying on fossil fuels. This technology has been available since the 60s. The rational mind says that there is something wrong with this picture that Canada is hooked on this relic of F-35.

The last question comes to mind that why Canadian scientists are not working toward Canada’s defense system?

1. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/stealth-fighter-contracts-1.3629403



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