Be Generous with Your Money

I was watching this video clip about “Black Friday” and left me in a state of shock and awe that we live in industrial nations. However, we are acting as we are residing in the stage of hunting and gathering. We lost our minds that because the owner of means of production is telling us, now it is a good time to shop, we must do it because someone told us to do.

Let’s take a step backward and think about these images that we are absorbing. Is it worth it to tackle someone and face criminal charges which are going to last the lifetime and losing jobs? Is it worth to hurt another human being because of an object which is going to break or fall apart in future?

There is an alternative scenario compared to what we watched here. What if you buy a product from the store and give it to a student whose attending higher education, so one day s/he learns from that act of kindness and when s/he is working, s/he would act like the mature and responsible person to her/his coworkers? This is what it means to plant a good seed in society.

You may please pay attention to the RT anchorwoman who is speaking wisely about consumerism in North America.

Last, I am always in the state of disbelief that how the Western media depict the Middle Eastern peoples in the aftermath of disasters that how they are covered in dust, shouting out loud with foreign languages. Now, I can say it that those people have the right to lament their loss one aftermath of an explosion. Look at these people; they are living in the land of honey and milk, and they are devouring one another.


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