Canada Is not Democracy

The former head of state of Cuba Castro passed away and The Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau expressed that the death of saddened him. There were other politicians that they began to use the occasion to censure the Prime Minister that Mr. Castro was involved in human rights violations.

When I read the news that the Prime Minister’s comment was criticized by the opposition parties, I came to the conclusion that we do not live in the democracy. Here in Canada, we cannot post comments on the Facebook or other social medias which are contrary to the conventional wisdom of society. We Must follow the conventional wisdom of society. God forgive if a person makes a comment outside of the structural foundation of society, s/he will lose a job or will be facing persecution for speaking contrary to what others believe.

Let’s move on, and not bug down with these frivolous ideas that what others say. Let’s do something productive for our community.




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