My Political Belief

Within the last hours of 2016, I came to the following conclusion about my political belief system. I believe the nature of the state is corrupt and there is no cure for this illness. Currently, there are four types of political ideology, conservatism, it means to hold on old values, but time changes everything and cannot hang on old values. Liberalism is about business people have the prerogative right to control the direction of politics by making policies which suit their needs and appoint politicians in the parliament using the electoral system. I am not part of the power elite. It does not apply to me. I am not socialist nor communist. I do not believe in the abolition of private property.

This is my new political belief, I am an alternative thinker, I do not believe in greedy, deceptive, and charlatan politicians. I question every step of the way and thinking in better terms for humanity. This is what I am.


Canada is a Police State

Looking at Canada’s civil rights, it gives an impression and feels like living in a police state. Going anywhere regardless of the occasion, it requires a criminal record check, and everyone has come in contact with police, and it appears on the criminal record check.

Therefore, Canada is a police state.


Idiocracy a Reality in Canada

I watched the movie Idiocracy, there was a scene in this film that the main character required a criminal defence lawyer to defend him in the court. The defence lawyer was not that bright. As a matter of fact, no one was brilliant in that movie because people were consuming fast foods and were playing video games. It was a wasteful society. The film nicely illustrated the level of IQ dropped among the population because of the lack of intellectual challenge.

Today, it is the case in Canada, too. There are some agencies like Pivot and BC Civil Liberties that they are advocating sex workers. It is shocking that they are promoting people to sell their bodies for the core necessity of life. It is actually degrading policy to have. In fact, people are working in the sex industry because they do not have work skills, have addiction problems, and are trapped in a cycle of poverty. I think it would be wise to help people to gain meaning full employment and guide them to the medical profession for mental health treatment to break away from the cycle of poverty and not assisting them to remain in that cycle of misery. It is a well-known fact, the people are working in the sex industry. Eventually, they will contract sexually transmitted diseases. These people are going to use health care system to cure themselves and would cause a financial burden on the taxpayer system. It is an inappropriate use of the valuable and scarce resource that Canada has.

The bottom line, the Pivot and BC Civil Liberties are like the movie Idiocracy, they have good intention. However, they are not allocating their resources in a proper channel.

Feeling of Insecurity

It is a norm for people to go through a period of fear, anxiety, and insecurity, it is due to the fashion people experience life. It is a moment of wondering and questioning oneself that why all the terrible events are unfolding in my life? in fact, this is the time of reflection and one begins to ask where do I stand concerning God? It is important to learn from these unfortunate events and repaint future with new beauty and elegance. This is not a moment of self-doubt and reclusiveness. This is a time of re-evaluating what the priority in life are? How to accomplish those goals and how to cultivate a positive environment?

The final thought would be this as He says in the Holy Bible do not worry about what you will wear, eat, or what will happen because He is with you. Trust in God and move forward by making God compass of your life.

Nature of State is Corrupt

When I was attending the University of Toronto, and was working toward my Bachelor of Arts. I was fascinated by political thinkers of eighteen century like Jean J. Rousseau as well as others that they were uttering the nature of the state was corrupt, and they were asserting that the system must be afraid of its people and not people be scared of the system. I really did not understand what they were saying, I had my share of experience with the rogue state in Iran, back in 1996, I could not imagine that Canada too would become a corrupt system. Particularly, Canada has its own constitution since 1982 and citizens rights must be safeguarded from all kinds of state and government infringement. However, that is not the case. Back in 2010, city of Toronto holds a convention by inviting the power elite to come to Canada and discuss the next stage of globalization. This kind of ideas actually does not go so well with activities. They too wanted to express their views. In this sort of situation, the left side of the political spectrum is marginalized to have an input in the globalization.

This video clip illustrates that how Canada does not have Constitution, and it is truly a police state. You can see it for yourself, police officers are making an arbitrary arrest, using their physical force to intimate people, and one of the trick police in Canada uses that they push people and say you assaulted a peace officer and must go to jail now.

Therefore, the nature of the state is corrupt and does not matter how fanciful people in the parliament legislate laws to safeguard the interest of Citizens at the end of the day we are just a subject of the system. The system cannot be trusted whatsoever because power corrupts people.


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Hard Times for All

What is the big deal about Christmas? It is a day that Jesus was born in an unusual manner. The head of state had seen a vision and the head of state’s court advisors failed to interpret the vision except for Daniel, who told the head of state that a child would come to this world who will be the king of kings. Now, the head of state issued a decree to slain all newborn boys in his kingdom. Thinking about the story of Jesus does not begin very well. Already, the most powerful man as the head of state is determined to kill Jesus to remove the threat to his throne. Now, the story gets better; Mary is Jesus mother who becomes pregnant in a miracle way as people of the town do not believe her version of the event except Joseph. Now, people of the city want to stone her to death due to adultery.  Mary and Jacob fled their hometown and sought refugee in a new place. As they arrived at the new location, they could not find a suitable place for Mary to rest and give birth to Jesus. Jesus was born in the most humble way.

One reasonable question comes to my mind. Then, why God did not provide proper accommodation for His Son Jesus? Something worthy His Son. Of course, it is the story of our life. We all experience life as Jesus did. We all displaced due to persecution as influential individuals are feeling insecure about their possession and begin to eradicate any source of threat from the surface of the earth. This is the case for Syrian refugees who fled their homeland and adopted Canada or other nations as their new homes. The Jesus story is about hard times. When next time you think you had tough, think about Jesus and Jesus will come to your life.