Hard Times for All

What is the big deal about Christmas? It is a day that Jesus was born in an unusual manner. The head of state had seen a vision and the head of state’s court advisors failed to interpret the vision except for Daniel, who told the head of state that a child would come to this world who will be the king of kings. Now, the head of state issued a decree to slain all newborn boys in his kingdom. Thinking about the story of Jesus does not begin very well. Already, the most powerful man as the head of state is determined to kill Jesus to remove the threat to his throne. Now, the story gets better; Mary is Jesus mother who becomes pregnant in a miracle way as people of the town do not believe her version of the event except Joseph. Now, people of the city want to stone her to death due to adultery.  Mary and Jacob fled their hometown and sought refugee in a new place. As they arrived at the new location, they could not find a suitable place for Mary to rest and give birth to Jesus. Jesus was born in the most humble way.

One reasonable question comes to my mind. Then, why God did not provide proper accommodation for His Son Jesus? Something worthy His Son. Of course, it is the story of our life. We all experience life as Jesus did. We all displaced due to persecution as influential individuals are feeling insecure about their possession and begin to eradicate any source of threat from the surface of the earth. This is the case for Syrian refugees who fled their homeland and adopted Canada or other nations as their new homes. The Jesus story is about hard times. When next time you think you had tough, think about Jesus and Jesus will come to your life.


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