Nature of State is Corrupt

When I was attending the University of Toronto, and was working toward my Bachelor of Arts. I was fascinated by political thinkers of eighteen century like Jean J. Rousseau as well as others that they were uttering the nature of the state was corrupt, and they were asserting that the system must be afraid of its people and not people be scared of the system. I really did not understand what they were saying, I had my share of experience with the rogue state in Iran, back in 1996, I could not imagine that Canada too would become a corrupt system. Particularly, Canada has its own constitution since 1982 and citizens rights must be safeguarded from all kinds of state and government infringement. However, that is not the case. Back in 2010, city of Toronto holds a convention by inviting the power elite to come to Canada and discuss the next stage of globalization. This kind of ideas actually does not go so well with activities. They too wanted to express their views. In this sort of situation, the left side of the political spectrum is marginalized to have an input in the globalization.

This video clip illustrates that how Canada does not have Constitution, and it is truly a police state. You can see it for yourself, police officers are making an arbitrary arrest, using their physical force to intimate people, and one of the trick police in Canada uses that they push people and say you assaulted a peace officer and must go to jail now.

Therefore, the nature of the state is corrupt and does not matter how fanciful people in the parliament legislate laws to safeguard the interest of Citizens at the end of the day we are just a subject of the system. The system cannot be trusted whatsoever because power corrupts people.


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