Idiocracy a Reality in Canada

I watched the movie Idiocracy, there was a scene in this film that the main character required a criminal defence lawyer to defend him in the court. The defence lawyer was not that bright. As a matter of fact, no one was brilliant in that movie because people were consuming fast foods and were playing video games. It was a wasteful society. The film nicely illustrated the level of IQ dropped among the population because of the lack of intellectual challenge.

Today, it is the case in Canada, too. There are some agencies like Pivot and BC Civil Liberties that they are advocating sex workers. It is shocking that they are promoting people to sell their bodies for the core necessity of life. It is actually degrading policy to have. In fact, people are working in the sex industry because they do not have work skills, have addiction problems, and are trapped in a cycle of poverty. I think it would be wise to help people to gain meaning full employment and guide them to the medical profession for mental health treatment to break away from the cycle of poverty and not assisting them to remain in that cycle of misery. It is a well-known fact, the people are working in the sex industry. Eventually, they will contract sexually transmitted diseases. These people are going to use health care system to cure themselves and would cause a financial burden on the taxpayer system. It is an inappropriate use of the valuable and scarce resource that Canada has.

The bottom line, the Pivot and BC Civil Liberties are like the movie Idiocracy, they have good intention. However, they are not allocating their resources in a proper channel.


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