My Political Belief

Within the last hours of 2016, I came to the following conclusion about my political belief system. I believe the nature of the state is corrupt and there is no cure for this illness. Currently, there are four types of political ideology, conservatism, it means to hold on old values, but time changes everything and cannot hang on old values. Liberalism is about business people have the prerogative right to control the direction of politics by making policies which suit their needs and appoint politicians in the parliament using the electoral system. I am not part of the power elite. It does not apply to me. I am not socialist nor communist. I do not believe in the abolition of private property.

This is my new political belief, I am an alternative thinker, I do not believe in greedy, deceptive, and charlatan politicians. I question every step of the way and thinking in better terms for humanity. This is what I am.


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