Cannot Serve God and Money


I am reading the Holy Bible and says that there are two masters, God and money, and humans cannot serve God and money at the same time. People can serve only one master, and God gives humans the opportunity to make their own personal choice, they may choose God or money.

I came across two newspaper articles that Mr. Trump banned the foreigners from lobbying the US politicians, and not allowing Muslims to enter the US.

It is good news to hear that the US politicians are going to work in best interest of the US and not other nations interests. Particularly, the rogue regime in Iran has lobby groups in the US that they are shaping the US foreign policies. Regarding the Muslims not moving to the US would benefit Canada because Carolyn Meyer “Communicating for Results” 3rd ed., says the Royal Bank of Canada and the University of Toronto’s business school believe diversity has a significant advantage for workforce since we live in the creative age, and contributed to the creative class. However, there is one problem for Canada, please look at this picture who are protesting around Trump’s building. One woman is wearing a hijab. What is she doing in Canada? Who is she? Is she a Trojan Horse soldier? There is another woman who is holding a sign that says North America was never great? Then the question is why is she in Canada? Who are these people that they can go to Iran and come to Canada and want to go to the US? These are issues of safety and security of a nation which needs to be addressed. Particularly it is a well-known fact that Canada allows the elements of the Iranian regime in Canada to make campaign contributions to the three level of politics.

As a result, Canada is serving two masters, God and money and eventually, it will catch-up with Canada. And Mr. Trump is appearing doing what is right for the US and serving the interest of Americans. Now, the US needs to focus on enhancement of its intellectual community to compete with other nations.

In my case, since I judged others, I left Iran in 1988 and have been in Canada since 1991 and never been outside of Canada. I only serve God and Jesus.


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