Who Is Posing Threat to a Nation?

The woman in the headscarf is posing a threat to safety and security of a nation, and the woman in the bikini does not pose a threat to the safety and security of any nation. Bible says go to the places that people welcome you. Also, when people asked Jesus who should, we pay our taxes? He said to the Caesar. He taught people to integrate into the society. Since the woman in the headscarf loves Islam, she can live in Saudi Arabia where Islamic laws are observed.


What Do They Want?


I am reading the Holy Bible, it is really a good book to read. The Bible says when you want to be in a place and people do not welcome you, leave that place and do not cause chaos in that area. Also, when people asked Jesus who should pay their taxes? He requested a coin. And He said whose image is on this coin? People said Caesar, and He said pay your taxes to Caesar.  Jesus did not encourage anyone to revolt against the establishment.

When I was in Iran, the regime banned anyone from wearing unIslamic clothes. One fall evening, my friend was wearing a red jacket and the Basij or paramilitary faction brutalized him in the street for wearing a red jacket. The regime’s hands and arms splashed acid on women for not adhering to Islamic laws. Sometimes, the regime used a knife to enforce the Islamic laws. The theocratic regime in Iran used whipped people for not following the Islamic laws. Also, the most popular entertainment for the Islamic people was death to America. Since they do not like America, then why are they eager to come to America and other Western nations? Why people who are guarding of the Western nations let Trojan Horses come to their lands? Indeed, as Khomeini said he will export his revolution outside of Iran, he is doing it from his grave. In fact, the process of Easternization has begun, and the Westernization has come to a gradual end.


Racism is more prevaliant in Canada than the US

In the past, I asserted that when I take West Coast Express to commute from Mission, BC to Vancouver, BC no white person sits beside me. I ask myself if a person does not sit beside me during duration of this one hour commute why should s/he want to share a workplace for the length of eight hours a day five times a week (if a white woman sits beside me, everyone gives her an angry look)? As a result, Trump is not a bad person, he is the reflection of the society.
I also asked NGOs and government agencies in Canada for help, and they denied service to me. I really do not believe Canada is a tolerant nation. It is just a mind game.