ISIS and the US Strike on Syrian Jet

The US strike down one Syrian jet fighter during combat with the ISIS. It leaves people in state of disbelief that the US destroyed one Syrian jet. In fact, this Syrian jet was attacking at the ISIS which is an infamous terrorist organization.

Syria is a sovereign nation, it has right to defend its national boundary against aggressor. When the US shooting down a Syrian fighter jet, the US is refusing to recognize Syria national sovereignty. The US is endeavoring to build walls between US and Mexico. Here comes the US, it is making a unilateral decision during time of crisis in Syria. Most importantly, the US is having a policy of War on Terror. The US shoot down a Syrian jet fighter which was fighting terrorist entity in the Syrian land.

The bottom line, the War on Terror does not appear to be real. It is a mind game for people. Praying to God to end all these violence around us.


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