Question of Race in Canada

It always makes me laugh when question of race comes up in Canada, people point their fingers to the southern part of Canada, and say Americans have race issue, Canada does not have a race issue. These individuals make me laugh at them that how deceitful they are, and are thinking that I am a gullible person. I have been living in Canada since 1991, and experienced racism in Canada in a profound way. If I could rewind the time, I would not have come to Canada, or anywhere. I would remain in Iran, and would live my life. Just to begin with Canada has a long history of slavery and abuse of aboriginal people, white people who are controlling all facet of society, and maintaining power in the society, they never would allow me to grow and prosper. It is a ridicules idea to think for anyone that Canada is a land of opportunity.

Here, I am, stock in this land for rest of my life. I just do the best, I can to survive another day.


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