Magnet and God Dynamic

There are countless situations and countless misery in life that we as a human being begin to endure. Sometimes we may feel God is indifferent to us or we may feel God is dead. Regardless of the situation, we cannot lose faith in God; we must remain steadfast in our belief in God.

It is a mystery that people remain faithful to God; they pay a high price for their faith in God. It does make sense that people who have a firm conviction in God, they will pay the high prices for their belief in God. Mathew 7:13 God says the gates are narrow to the God Kingdom. Just look at the world we live in; it is full of temptation. It is full of lust and debauchery. It is hard to resist all these physical worlds that they are pleasing our bodies and knowing that one day we will die and will not have a chance to try them. Now, this is the moment that God is testing us every step of the way. The idea is about keeping our souls pure and distancing from the bodily pleasure.

Sometimes we are witnessing people who believe in God; they are paying high prices for their faith in God. God in the Beatitude says those who believe in; they will face persecution or hardship. In this case, God is testing others that they are staring at these struggling souls and how others are indifferent to their pain and agony that they are facing on a daily basis.

Eventually, the individuals believe in God and meet God expectation the God all mercy and grace called you to his eternal glory in Christ, He will restore you, strengthen, and will establish you.

As a result, do not lose your faith in God, He is with you at all times. And God is like a magnet; He pulls you toward himself.


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