Welcome Omar Khadr to Canada

When Mr. Omar Khadr was fifteen years old, his parents took him to Afghanistan to fight off the infidels. In the final incident, he lost his parents and captured by the military forces and imprisoned in the infamous Guantanamo Bay. At the time of the incident, he was unable to tell his parents; he did not want to take part in any form of military intervention in any part of the world. He could not tell his parents; he wanted to watch MTV. He had to obey his parents.

Coming to this point, the Canadian Government had the responsibility to protect this minor to ensure his well being. However, the system treated him as a common criminal. He is not a criminal; he is a product of his environment. He needs to be exposed to the positive elements of the society to have growth, and not to be pushed down and break him as his parents did to him.

There are also external factors from the US that they want monetary compensation from the pain inflicted upon them. It is unfair to ask this young man for money when he was a victim just to begin with.

Above all, it is time to put our differences aside and help this man to integrate into the mainstream society and not to marginalize him any longer. He is part of the Canadian mosaic society and deserves better than what he is enduring now.


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