CIA and Facebook

There is a talk that CIA owns Facebook; it is a mean for the CIA to monitor its people as well as others since the Facebook has apps that people say that they went to such place and dined in that restaurant.

It does not make sense that the CIA is using Facebook as a primary tool of surveillance on people. The CIA is busy with hunting down rotten apples around the world or in the US. The CIA has espionage tools that make the Facebook look like a useless toy.

The CIA is not interested what people are doing at their homes or how people are living. The CIA is after individuals that they have diabolic plans for the US and its interest around the world. Now, there is this part of the coin that the bad guys do not use Facebook to discuss their secret with each other.

Now, if an entity is contemplating to use the Facebook as a means of communication to execute an evil act, the CIA should be concerned that maybe the rotten apples are misleading them.

Overall, let’ s stop this paranoia that the big brother is using social media as a surveillance tool against Americans or others. It does not do any good for the CIA to allocate a significant amount of resources to know that such a girl is talking about her cute dog with her friends. The CIA has better things to do than following around an average person.


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