Karl Marx and Housing Situation in BC

Karl Marx was exposed to the Industrial Revolution and witnessed how the owners of means of production were exploiting workers. He called the owners of means of production, the petite bourgeoisie class, that this class was giving direction to the mode of production in the absence of the proletarian class. He also asserted that the petite bourgeoisie would increase the price of the goods to the point that the workers will no longer afford to pay them. This would cause the worker’s revolution to overthrow the capitalist system.

The above theory may seem far fetched from reality. However, by looking at the housing situation in Province of British Columbia, Canada, Karl Marx does make sense when he says the petite bourgeoisie class would exploit the workers by many economic strategies. He discusses the venues that how the power elite exploits the workers in great details. For example, the ruling class would not pay their employees for their hard labor by Keeping the wages low, so they are always struggling to end the meets. They are always busy with the basic necessity of life, and no time left for the workers to think about politics. Now, reflecting the above scenario in the housing situation of BC. People are working in the minimum wage industries; they deemed as working poor. Right now, 6.4% of BC population are working poor because they are giving away 70% of their income toward the basic necessity of life. If anyone says let’s raise the minimum wage from current its status to $15.00 per hour, the religious faction will begin to cry that by raising the minimum wage from its current situation, it would hurt the owner of means of production. However, it is just fine others cannot pay their bills as long as the elect ones are accumulating wealth because God chooses them.

The idea of worker exploitation in BC is not just minimum wage; it is also the housing condition in the BC. Feel free to look at the housing in BC. Nowadays, if a person wants to rent a one bedroom, it is about $2000.00 per month. Even, there are some false advertising that the houses are one bedroom. However, they are the bachelors.

Politicians are not doing anything to stop the current situation because the power elite has the lobby groups that they influence the public policies. Plus, the power elite is controlling the media and public is in a total blackout. Plus, the public is busy by watching the entertainment or who is showing off her underwear in the public arena. Last, the BC is conservative part of Canada; it is impossible to have social justice. And anything goes wrong it is not that the power elite is manipulating the law of supply and demand, but the newcomers and those Chinese are destroying the housing in BC for everyone. No one does anything, and it is not racist to blame others while the power elite is causing mayhem in the economy.


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