BC Housing Situation in Vancouver


On Wednesday, August 02nd, 2017 I was in Vancouver to watch the fire works at the English Bay. Once the fire works were over and were heading back to my means of transportation, I noticed the apartment buildings had large portion vacant. I concluded that this was the capitalist system, it manipulated the law of supply and demand to increase the price of real estate, and there were nothing phenomena about the law of supply and demand. Human superficially created it to exploit hard-working individuals.

The system began to blame Chinese or foreign investors for raising the price of the real estate in Vancouver. It did not make sense whatsoever. In fact, the individuals were blaming the housing crisis in the BC; they were racists because they were using race as a scape goat to exploit people further and shifted the blame from themselves to others that they could not defend themselves.

This was the capitalist system that it worked. It preyed on people’s weakness and in this case, the weakness was not really that they needed a space to stay, but people wanted someone to entertain them or be showered by the word of prestige to make them feel good.


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