US Must Knock Down North Korea Once For All

Every few days we hear the news that the head of state of North Korea Kim Jong-in is uttering the threat against its regional neighbor that he will launch a nuclear missile. This saga has been going on for too long and playing the game of Cold War Era. It is about time to show to the North Korea that the Cold War Era finished back in 1989, and now it is 2017. The US must attack North Korea once for all and finish the job.

Now, the question is why North Korea is acting in this irrational manner? It is evident that North Korea is not acting arbitrarily. Most likely China and Russia are encouraging North Korea to serve as a rogue state, and since the head of North Korea has a long history of conflict with the US, it is appealing to the people and the head of North Korea. Furthermore, North Korea has a bankrupt economy and over population issue. Thus, every time, the head of state of North Korea is shouting death to America or its one of neighbor; it is a good way to distract its people from real issues of the day.

Therefore, the US must knock down the North Korea once for all so all other rogue states would know their place to enforce the global security.


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