Khomeini, the US cannot do Damn Thing

When I lived in Iran, I watched Khomeini on the television that the US could not do a damn thing to Iran, the US was uttering idol threat to the regime in Iran. Truly, the US did not take any action against the regime in Iran. This also became a platform to other nations to act obnoxiously on the global stage without facing any military threat. Today, it is the case with North Korea, it is uttering threatening comment to the neighboring nations, and it is getting away with it.

Someone needs to stand against North Korea and resolve this matter once for all. The North Korea no longer can be tolerated in this global community. North Koreans are already eating dust and do not have food on their tables, and a military strike against the North Korea will be welcomed by the North Korean to over throw the regime and establish a good regime that reflects their consent and will of people.


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