Rouhani Urges People to Speak Up

It would be beneficial not to listen to this cunning fox Rouhani, who is encouraging people to speak against the regime in Iran. The regime in Iran does not have consent and will of people to govern. It is a system which formed itself within the framework of the Machiavellian doctrine of fear, fraud, and force.

In 1979, Khomeini encouraged people to speak up against the system. The system identified the dissidents and purged them. In the late 90s, Khatami encouraged university students to speak up against the system, and the system identified the voice of discontent, and the university students faced street justice and kangaroo courts. In 2009, the system played the game of reform vs conservative, and the system identified those individuals that they were speaking against the system and faced a harsh melody in their life.

Now, the regime strikes one more time, Rouhani says to people speak up to identify those individuals that they are posing threat to the system. Thus, do not speak up for own safety. The system will identify those individuals that they are a source of trouble for them and will eradicate them from the surface of the earth.

The Holy Bible commands people not to fight with any establishment and live a peaceful life. If the above doctrine does not work for you, perhaps Aristotle advice works, who says do not go against a system and follow their rules to have peace in your life.


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