Homelessness in North America

Adam Smith advocates two important notions. One, the self-interest of human nature, will make sure the market remains stables. Last, the state never should interfere in the affair of the market. The state merely ensures the well-being of the private property.

Since the Cold War came to an end, the threat of communism to permeate to the rest of the world came to an end. Thus, the Western nations did not have to invest in social justice programs to prevent communism to shape their nations.

Now, the capitalist or liberal economic doctrine and social values are geared toward self-glory. It creates a space for a handful of individuals to dominate the economic pie and leaves others in a state of destitution. Plus, there is an issue of self-interest which comes with greed, and the handful of individuals begin to use their resources to push others out of the economic system and transform a monopoly market that only survival of the fittest is able to survive.

In conclusion, in this liberal economic doctrine, it is designed only a few individuals to make a profit at expense of those individuals that they only have labor power to give-up for wages. The well to do individuals will make sure to dominate the economic pie and always the working class remains at their mercy. Therefore, the number of working class and middle class will vanish gradually to a point of nothing class. The role of state is at point of nothing. Only to make sure the well to do class to have access to public resources and ensure private property for the powerful class.


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