Conservative Ideology vs. Left Ideology

The conservative value stands by legislating laws to put people behind bars, making laws to marginalize people, making laws to build tall walls to keep others outside of our realm because we are better than others. Masquerading ourselves with the name of God, but money is our god. Cultivating an atmosphere that you are not one of us, by making laws to alienate you, and marginalize to the very bitter end. In plain English language, we do not like anyone, but ourselves. When allophone individuals are speaking the English language with a weird accent, those individuals need to go to the back of the line of social hierarchy.

The left ideology begins by saying; how can I help you? How can I empower you, enable you, to reach to your potentiality? How can I make laws to integrate you and not marginalize you? How can this team contribute to the growth of the community? How can this team improve the quality of life for everyone? How can this team make the world a better place for everyone? The left ideology is about people. Based on what I said, the left wing faction advocates a way of God and not another way around.


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