Some Facts about Conservative Ideology vs Left Ideology

Mr. Trump (Republic) is building walls not to protect, but alienating people. Former Right Hon, Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper (conservative)legislated laws to put people behind bars. However, Right Hon, Justin Trudeau (Liberal ) makes laws to empower Canadian citizens. Former Premier of Ontario, Mike Harris (Conservative) besmirched the working class and depicted them as a burden on society. Caused severe damage to the social fabric of society. However, his close friends became head of Crown Corporations and made bonuses for not appearing to work. However, when Mr. Bob Rae (NDP) was premier of Ontario, no one lost their jobs and faced Rae days. Here in British Columbia Christy Clark opened the door for multinational corporates to exploit the natural resources. However, NDP Rachel Notely is protecting the economic interest of Alberta. Therefore, I am not making a blanket statement; it based on facts.


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