PM Trudeau and India’s Trip

The CBC is keeping publishing negative articles about PM Trudeau, in the long run, people will think fake news as a measure to think outside of the box.

Kindly look at PM as head of government of Canada working for Canada. We no longer drop bombs on developing nation under the banner of freedom and democracy. We build nations using empowerment. Other countries do not see us as a war monger, but nation builders.

Not long ago, Mr. Harper was passing laws in the legislative body to put citizens behind bars. Dropping bombs on developing nations under the banner of democracy and freedom.

Canada wants to be champion of human rights; there is a cost for that. When Omar Khadr faced human rights violation, Canada stood as a pillar of human rights. Mr. Khadr was not an isolated incident, Canada mistreated Mr. Maher, too. Thus, the compensation to Mr. Khadr as a reminder that Canada does not tolerate human rights violation.


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