Mr. Trump Negated Contract from Nuclear Iran

Mr. Trump negated from a binding contract with the regime in Iran that took over a decade for European nations and Obama Administration to bring the system of Iran in an agreement with the international community about its nuclear proliferation. Mr. Trump has a point here when a regime is chanting Death to America and Death to Israel are not welcoming messages to the Western nations. It is time to be cautious that when a country is developing nuclear facilities, it may take a step forward and creates atomic bombs and deliver the message of death to them. Therefore, the US and Israel security are in peril.


Mr. Trump took spearhead approach toward North Korea that if North Korea begins to continue to threaten South Korea with a military threat, the US will obliterate North Korea with its army. It worked, and North Korea took a pragmatic approach to resolve its difference with South Korea. Mr. Trump is approaching the regime in Iran over the nuclear proliferation the same way it dealt with North Korea. However, it will not work because of the European nations, China, Russia, and the United Nations are supporting the regime in Iran. Hence, the system in Iran will remain steadfast to its nuclear proliferation plan.

The real loser is the regime in Iran because, after 1979 Revolution, the supporter of the system attacked at the US embassy and took embassy staff as hostages. It gave the ground to the former US president not to give F-14 to the regime in Iran and did not return the money to Iran for the F-14. Now, Boeing received $17 B from the regime in Iran to make airplanes for the regime. In light of recent development, the above corporate nullified the contract because of the US president Mr. Trump negated Iran’s nuclear proliferation and is imposing an economic sanction against Iran. One aspect of the economic embargo would be, not to give the airplanes to Iran. It is a sad state of affair for Iranians and Americans.


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