Trump vs Cleric in Iran

In a surprise moment, Trump nullified the agreement between Iran and the Western nations which allowed the cleric’s in Iran to pursue civilian nuclear proliferation. The whole idea is to look at the situation on a grand scale and not what it is unfolding before the naked eyes.

The US lost the war in Syria to Russia, and the cleric’s in Iran. Now, the US war machine must continue its profit-making by opening a new channel of war. Now, the cleric’s are posing threat to the US and Israel. Thus, the US has a prerogative right to wage war against the regime in Iran.

Israel claims that it possesses the dossiers that the regime in Iran is developing nuclear bombs. It is difficult to believe such a high volume of hardcopy documents traveled from Iran to Israel. It is unfathomed to believe Israeli spies took documents from a highly classified environment and shipped them to Israel.

In conclusion, Mr. Trump’s claim that the regime in Iran is developing atomic bombs, may not be accurate. Mr. Trump is using Israel intelligent to support another war cause. However, the integrity of the Israel intelligent is questionable. What is certain here that future of Iran is at bleak.


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