Lifetime Achievement: Author/Advocate/Instructor

I have a passion for social justice which is an integral part of who I am as a person.

In December 1970, I was born in Tehran-Iran, and, in 1978, I witnessed the revolution in Iran. In 1980, Iraq invaded Iran, and, in 1988, I escaped Iran due to conscription act to avoid war and resided in Turkey as a refugee. In 1991, I came to Canada as a landed immigrant. In 1992, I attended Monarch Park Collegiate and earned grade 12, and Six Ontario Academic Credits (O.A.C). In 1995, I worked as a lifeguard (Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Senior Resuscitation, Aquatic Emergency Care, and National Lifeguard Service) for a year, and took time off prior attending the University of Toronto to earn a Bachelor of Arts in the field of Sociology. In 2010, I graduated from the University of Victoria with a Diploma in Public Administration. In 2014, I graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley (U.F.V) with a Bachelor of Arts in the field of Political Science. Also, I earned two awards for my volunteer work contribution to the U.F.V. In 2017, I earned a Certificate in Professional Communication from the University of British Columbia.

I achieved my Yondan from Kan Zen Ryu, as well as, Shodan from Isshin Ryu. Thus, I am a qualified instructor to developed my style of karate, which is called “Lion Karate Style.” This Karate has its blog:

I enjoy the art of heraldry and calligraphy. These two arts are something that I enjoyed doing them and developed my Coat of Arms. I also have a family motto, which is Justice, Mercy, and Humbleness that they are stemming from the Beatitudes.


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