Canada has Poor Human Rights Record, Too.

  1. Immanuel Kant in his book “Perpetual Peace” says no nation to interfere in another country domestic affairs to have peace. Why did Canada question Saudi Arabia’s human rights? Canada has a worst human rights record. The Aboriginal people in Canada represent 3% of the population, and they represent more than 50% of the prison system.
  2. The Holy Bible says do not judge others, not to be judged. Plus, it means do not blame others and look inside of yourself and will discover your own mistakes. Canada has racial profiling issues in Canada and is doing nothing to fix it.
    The United Nations is another example of the Western power to dominate nonwestern nations.
  3. I am not attacking at anyone or trying to make anyone feel bad. In my view, it is a racist view that the rest of the world must follow the West. Be like we or we are going to destroy you.
  4. I know my words came forward strong, but someone needs to say something here. Saudi Arabia must defend its national sovereignty. Otherwise, the US 1979 Revolution in Iran, will happen in Saudi Arabia.

Race in Canada

These days, we are witnessing a big wave of racism in Canada for several factors:

  1.  The issue of racism never was discussed in Canada.
  2. The effect of racism disguised under a banner of hidden racism.
  3. The point of racism in Canada shifted to the US and covered the issue of racism with honey.

Therefore, today Canada is experiencing racism, and the voice of racism is coming from a mouth of individuals that the least we are expecting because they were not challenged in their private sphere and made believed that Canada has no race issue.


  2. Everyone is illegal immigrant, except the Aboriginal people.

Freedom or Racism?

Before anyone begins to have an outcry that the author of this paper is a racist person, think twice. I am not a racist person. I enjoy intellectual debate to expand my horizon and break away from a cycle of mental malnourishment.

A camera begins to roll and is an illustrating point of a family that they are under attack by a man who is using harsh words and is asking them to leave their province. However, the public does not know what the family tells a lone man before him approaching them. According to the family, the man is intoxicated. The question comes to mind that why did not the family leave the scene and avoid the whole scene? Is the family antagonizing the man? The family cannot claim that they are afraid of the man at the time because they outnumber him, and they are standing there and are arguing with him. At one point, it is clear that the man is smiling as he is arguing with the lone man.

Coming to this point, is it against the law someone to hold a view that Ontario is his province? Is it against the law to ask someone to leave his province? Because of the family, too, could ask the man to leave his province.

Overall, I am happy to see this matter if before the judicial system and no one is harmed. Hoping a debate would take place among lawyers in this matter and not easy plea bargain.


Walk Away from Progress

I watched this video clip; it is a good one to watch. The video clip is discussing how the notion of class conflict has broadened in the realm of sexual identity and race. The 1% is controlling all facets of society. The left side of the political spectrum is calling for an egalitarian society.

The person on the video clip says that the left side of the political faction has gone too far in their agenda to create an egalitarian society. Therefore, he no longer endorses the left side of the political party, but now he aligned with the right side of the politics.

Now, it is time to do a reality check. People in the US cannot afford to pay an ambulance fee; they prefer to die and not to live. There is no chance for people to have advancement, the system created a fake illusion that anyone can do better. However, the number of homelessness is on the rise in the US.

Therefore, it is straightforward for someone to say walk away from progress and let’s preserve the status quo and backwardness which is moving forward in his life no matter what.



The Capitalist System Produces the Communism

The capitalist system produces the communism system because the capitalist system nourishes itself by human greed. The greed has no mercy and does not know its mother. It cuts everything from the root and uproots anything stand against its desire.

It is this greed for more wealth cause the housing situation in Canada to become upside down and not because foreign investors are targeting housing industry in Canada. Currently, there is the voice of racism which is justifying the skyrocket in housing prices in Canada.

Now, it is impossible for anyone to rent a place by themselves. A person needs to have a roommate to rent a home. Tomorrow, it will be impossible to have meals, and all monies are going toward rent and nothing left for people.

During the Industrial Revolution, people exploited in the factories, and now in the advanced stage of Industrial Revolution, people are exploited by rent prices. Once, they begin to see that there is no future in this liberal economy, they will walk toward communism, and want to live in communism rather than the system of liberalism which is exploiting them.

Therefore, it is the capitalist system which is producing the communism and motivating people to reject the liberal values.

MS 13 is not an animal

When first generation Iranians came to Canada, they began to experience barriers in the society. Consequently, they formed their gang, called it “Persian Pride.” As time passed by, members of Persian Pride gang noticed other Iranians who attended school; they became doctors, teachers or lawyers. There were some Iranians who launched their businesses. The Canadian society allows people to integrate into mainstream society. Therefore, the members of Persian Pride gang quitted life of crime. 1

Now, there is the US which has the melting pot policy. When newcomers are coming to the US, they face barriers at school; they cannot gain employment whatsoever. They form gangs to protect themselves from the rival gang members and providing financial security for themselves and families. They entrapped in a revolving door of crime with no prospect of breaking away from a life of crime.

Where would you want to live? Should we call them with derogatory names?

End note:

  1. file:///C:/Users/padld/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/Downloads/etd7965_PYazdi%20(1).pdf

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