Mr. Ezra Levant


I was reading the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) online paper that Mr. Ezra Levant and his associates are been banned from political arenas. It is true that Canada is a democratic nation, and must uphold democratic values in order to enrich diverse views to govern Canada consensus. However, in his case, it is an appropriate course of action to ban him and his associates from political arena because they act belligerently with others to engage in a political debate with others. It appears that they are suffering from some sorts of designated mental health issues.

As a result, they need to improve their qualities of mind frame before they can engage in politics for greater good of Canada. The most fundamental principle of Canada is good law, order, and peace. By allowing them to engage in a destructive manners with others, democratic values of Canada are losing safeguard, and exposed to pernicious elements of some individuals that they are contributing to social unrest in society.

Let’s ban them, let them seek professional help that they need most first.

The above idea is stemming from the facts that he engaged others aggressively, and faced civil law sues from people.


Jian Ghomeshi and Fear of Victims


Reading articles online that these women were victim of Jian Ghomeshi, and his lawyer really bashed them during course of trial. What is written on papers, do not make sense. There is a final point that everyone needs to understand that he did not live with them. He did not have control over their lives. These women told to the Toronto Police Service that they were afraid of him as a result of hitting them. When the law enforcement agency asked them; did you continue your relationship with him after math? They told to the police “no”. Moreover, these women met each other prior of going to the police, they collaborated their stories with each other.

Now, it does not matter what is the person’s gender, male or female. When a person is afraid of another person, s/he stops associating with that person. One woman in this case e-mail him a bikini picture. Another woman sent him and e-mail how great it was. Last witness set in the courtroom as a Trojan  Horse soldier who listened to another witness testimony, than she appeared before court to testify against him.

These women did not appear to act in good faiths. They made a circus out of the judicial system, as well as, the executive body. They wasted tax payers money while the law enforcement could have focused on actual crimes. The judicial system could have focused on other issues which would contribute to greater good of society.

Let’s wait until final word from the judge because we do not have all the facts yet.


Is Jian Ghomeshi a Victim of Jealous Ex Girlfriends?


According to Kathryn Borel, Jian Ghomeshi’s private life was not a secret for anyone. He was very open his private life with others, and was informing others that how he was seeking gratification. Ms. Borel claims to be victim of Mr. Ghomeshi’s sexual deviant behavior. If that would be the case, why did she appear in his program and wanting to promote her new released book on his radio talk show? It is a strange one.

The author of this blog did not appear in the courtroom due to distance. Several questions come to mind that since Lucy DeCoutere, and another woman whose identity is protected by publication ban, withhold information from Toronto Police Service that they sent e-mails to him, and telling him how it was great during those private moments with him.

Now, these are questions?

  1. Since, he had a taste for BDSM, did these women, were hoping to have an off spring from him so that in future they would ask for separation from him, and by showing injuries to the court, they would collect child support from him?
  2. Was this criminal trial a prelude for civil trial so when these women would convict him of some criminal offences, they would seek civil legal remedy for their pain and suffering?
  3. Were these women exploiting his position at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to advance their own agendas?
  4. Is Jian Ghomeshi a victim of these women?
  5. How does Ghomeshi feel about this trial?
  6. What is his mental health state?

Still, there are more questions to ask; such as, did these women mislead the executive body?

Appearance and Response from Public


Adam Smith is founder of liberal ideology, and in one instant he says that a person should dress in a manner not to be ashamed of it. He is right about what he says. The way I dress myself allows people to make judgement call about me, and respond to me. In addition, Machiavelli resonates what Mr. Smith says. People will judge you with their eyes, and wear proper attire in public area.

Now, you be the judge by watching this video clip.

US Drones Down and Role of Canada


I red the below article and decided to respond to it. I just made a slight polishing.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am reading this article and several questions came to my mind.

1. What is the deadline to this war?
2. What is the actual target which needs to be eliminated?
3. Why is the Western powers keeping developing nations at poor state of misery?
4. According to the manifesto of “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”1 the US wants to be recognized as a global constable. Than why should Canada be part of that project when it has a military budget of $12 billion dollar annually compare to the US which has an annual budget of $778 billion? 2
5. There are reports on the YouTube that these drones are targeting innocent civilians. Why should anyone support such a program?3

In my view this war is designed to keep the Middle Eastern nations at state of destruction and vulnerability so the Western powers would make progress.

You may think, I am an anti – Canada or all sort of ideas like by labeling me as not one of Canadian for dissuading others not to go to war. In fact, I am a friend of Canada and this war on terror has one dimension. It reflects what the power elite wants. The below is my blog, it illustrates my characteristics that  I dislike any form of violence and only advocate peaceful resolutions to the problems.

End note:

Off the Terrorist Radar


On Tuesday January 19th, 2016 The Globe and Mail published an article that NATO nations did not invited Canada to a round table to discuss the war on terror. It appears that some individuals are disappointed how the NATO nations are not interested to engage Canada on police of War on Terror.

In fact, it is a good news for Canada that the NATO nations did not invite Canada to this round table to discuss policy of war against terrorist groups in the Middle East region. There is no clear objective to accomplish and these nations are seeking wars,  let them have the wars that they want. Now, these ruthless terrorist entities have Canada’s name off their target list and it is less likely for Canada to become targeted by these undesirable groups. They seek war, they will have war, they want peace, they will have peace. Canada is a peacekeeper nation and builds nations, and not destroying nations and leaving them at derelict state of misery.

A Name Known as Persian Gulf forever


Reading The Globe and Mail newspaper daily and watching Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on television. It comes to a person’s attention that Canada has begun to use the accurate historical name of Persian Gulf rather than calling it “Gulf”. Why is that? Because, recently, the Saudi Arabia is making news headline in negative terms with western nations that how this nation is masterminding terrorist acts around the world by aiding terrorist entities to cause unrest globally. The western nations as well as Canada is using proper name of Persian Gulf to illustrate to the Saudi Arabia that it needs to correct its behavior, it does not mean that Canada is willing to recognize proper name of Persian Gulf.

The fact comes down to this, it is called Persian Gulf no matter what.