Canada Needs New Economic Partner

The way Americans treat the rest of the world is unacceptable.
1. Dropped Atomic bombs in Japan.
2. Destroyed Vietnam in the name of democracy.
3. Destroyed the Middle East nations in the name of democracy.
4. Destroyed the North African nations in the name of democracy.
5. Destroyed Canada’s economic because of their egoistic values that they have.
In conclusion, enough is enough, it is time for Canada to find new economic partner.


Trump is Fake News

Mr. Trump likes to lie and deceive people by inventing his facts. For example, when Mr. Trump negated from NAFTA and imposed a tariff on Canadian goods, Canada retaliated by the same economic measure to defend Canada’s financial interest.

Now, Mr. Trump is accusing Canadians of causing economic disruption. Thus, Mr. Trump is the whole embodiment of fake news.

Khomeini Hendi Feeling Nothing



In 1978, I was seven years old and did not know much about the world what was happening around me. One day, I was watching television and saw Khomeini on the television screen, who was talking to an American reporter who asked him how do you feel about coming back to Iran after 15 years of exile? He said nothing. Now, I am a man. I understand what that word means. He issued a religious order that everyone opposes his rule, must be executed, and virgin girls to be raped before execution. He deployed young minds to an eight year of war between Iran and Iraq and promised paradise to them by stepping on the landmines.

Jimmy Carter and Time Magazine referred to Khomeini as Man of the Year and turned him into a saint so that the US would have cheap oil and perpetual war in the Middle East.

American Democracy

 In 1978, Jimmy Carter began to besmirch Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi for human rights violation, and promised freedom to Iranians. In return Iranians received death, destruction, and financial misery.

One product of Jimmy Carter was an eight years of war between Iran and Iraq that it claimed countless lives.

Americans also promised to Iraqi people about freedom and they received this.


What is this freedom that Americans are talking about? Why is this freedom about death? Why do the Americans want to export freedom to Middle East nations?

American World View

Americans view the world through the prism of their Hollywood movies as if the complex world managed by a bunch of cowboys, who are riding horses and are shooting at each other or perhaps Mr. Trump has his television shows, calls it Apprentice, who humiliates people in his television show, degrades people’s public image before cameras, and tells them you are fired.

The world is a complicated place, and it requires negotiation skills, developing diplomatic relations with others, removing barriers with others, maintaining a coherent line of communication with others. Ensuring that others are willing to participate in the activities.

It is excellent to see that Canada is no longer interested in the US imperialism, it is developing economic ties with other nations.

Hoping Canada will ignore the US for a long time because it is time to show the US that power is not about how much military force, but about working with other nations until then let’s keep Canada strong and free.