E-Portfolio for The University of British Columbia

The Final Assignment for the University of British Columbia’s Certificate in Professional Communication

This online document Prepared by Student Peyman ADL DOUSTI HAGH

To: Assessment section of the UBC

Date Submitted: Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Course-Fundamentals of Great Writing
  3. Course-Writing your Blog
  4. Course-Introduction to Business Writing
  5. Course-Preparing Presentations
  6. Course-Writing Well: Grammar
  7. Course-Writing for Graduate Students
  8. Course-Writing 099: Advance Compositio
  9. Course-Report and Business Writing
  10. Accomplished


When I was attending a secondary academic institute to learn English as well as earning my high school diploma, I was unable to learn the English language because teachers were using two coercive methods to teach students. One coercive approach was the grading system; teachers used the grading system as a leverage point to maintain the class average. I needed high grades to be able to pursue higher education at a good university. Thus, the English classes contributed to my anxiety. Last, the English teachers were not teaching correctly. They were always altering the sentence structure. One day, I told a teacher that this phrase borrowed from a textbook how that can be wrong? The teacher said to me this is an alternative writing! I never developed any sense of confidence to learn proper English.

Therefore, I struggled for a long time to write in an appropriate manner English papers until I became aware of The University of British Columbia’s online Certificate in Professional Communication. This program provided me with tools that I needed to success at work and private times. One factor that contributed to improved my English proficiency is because this program is using the noncoercive method to teach students. Interestingly, Sir Ken Robinson (Ph.D.-Education) recommends to the academic institutes around the world to avoid the Industrial Revolution learning methods to teach students. 1

Course-Fundamentals of Great Writing:

This course provides a unique opportunity for me to engage with others and learn from fellow students how to provide a positive feedback to them, and how to receive feedback from my peers and applying them. Since we all have some form of attachment to our papers, it ‘s hard to accept others feedback who are giving constructive criticism of our work. The key point for me was to remain humble when others who were telling me about my weakness and how to improve the quality of my job.

Course-Writing your Blog:

The technology of communication brought people closer to each other and created the vast world into a small piece of a global village. Information exchanged at a rapid pace. People are using social media or blog to share information with one another. According to the WordPress.com “Over 409 million people, view more than 22.2 billion pages each month”2 and “Users produce about 76.9 million new posts and 41.4 million new comments each month.”3 The question is how to stand out on blog grid among all others? This course provided me with the tools that I need to be prominent among all other bloggers. It is about catering materials that suit to readers, and provide a subscription section so users can subscribe to the blog and the readers always updated the new entry.

The fun part of this course taught me how to use photography to convey my ideas to others. The first image you will see, it has swords on the wall. This picture is not helpful one because it is messy and not grabbing the attention of the viewer. However, the second picture is well done because I caught one concept and presented one idea to an audience about me who is working for the Canadian Red Cross.

Course-Introduction to Business Writing:

Developing critical thinking skills is vital in a workplace. This course taught me how to draft a professional paper to a person. I learned how to use e-mail in professional manners with others. E-mail is a useful means of communication with others. However, it can become a source of stress for a person since it is easy to send e-mails to others simply by pushing a button. Thus, the inbox gets full of e-mails from other people. Hence, it is important to send e-mails to others as little as possible to people so everyone can focus on more important e-mails.

The content of writing a letter to a person is critical. How to deliver a good news or bad news to a person. How to avoid the legal mistake which can happen because someone is acting in good faith.

Course-Preparing Presentations:

I used this course how to do public speaking. This is the area that I am weak and need more work. Working as a karate instructor, I need to speak with people and explain to people what they need to do to excel in karate. Particularly, people are not moving their body in the way of karate every day. It is a challenge. A good instructor needs to know how to approach each at their level. This is what this course taught me. b

Still, I need more work to do in this area because I am not speaking fluently, I am pausing most of the time. I learned from this course; I need to draft a script before making a video clip and reading from it to avoid pausing during my presentation.

a. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPH1H9N5iWw

b. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrKSTG9aQcQ

Course-Writing Well: Grammar:

The Persian language does not have articling grammar. Since I did not learn how to article from the time I was learning the language. As a result, I am always struggling how to use the notion of “the” or “a/an.” Sometimes, I overused the concept of the or a/an. This course helped me to understand what articling is.  For example, God is a well-known entity for humankind, and there is no need for me to use the or a/an. The concept of articling is very complex and challenging for me to comprehend. For example, I am a 46-year old man. Now, you can see for yourself how plural and singular are coming side by side and are making me confused. However, now I have a good grasp of the articling grammar and can do it.

Course-Writing for Graduate Students:

I would like to earn my P.h.D in the field of Political Science at some point in future so that I can work with a nonprofit organization (NPO) or a nongovernmental organization (NGO) to bring peace to this global chaos. This course taught me how to embrace other people’s point of view. For example, when I was reading Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett book “The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone,” they make a spearhead approach toward their agenda and does not leave a buffer zone for others to engage them. I found the counter argument for the above book, Christopher Snowdon writes it, the book title is “The Spirit Level Delusion.”  He too makes a firm approach to his ideas and does not leave room for further intellectual discussion for anyone.

The bottom line, no one has the final word, the ideas are evolving around us. Perhaps, one day, one idea is deemed as an absolute truth. However, the next day that idea is no longer true or has any relevance to anyone. Embracing other peoples’ view is important and opens a new horizon for everyone to enrich and prosper (prosperity is not measured by how much money, we have in our bank account, success is measured by how much we understand this complex and evolving world.)

Course-Writing 099: Advance Composition:

This course taught me how to arrange and introduce complex ideas to readers. I noticed about myself that I have read all kinds of books from the field of social science and am trying to write them all at the same time on that tiny piece of paper to earn a good grade. Therefore, I am not helping myself. In fact, I am causing my grade go down because I am causing the reader of my paper to become confused about what I am trying to say. You may please view the first article that I submitted to my instructor, and you may see the revised version. There is an improvement. However, still, I need more work in this area. Mostly, I need to calm down my train of thoughts not to illustrate to the instructor that I have read a significant amount of books.

Final paper

Revised Version The US Foreign Policy Poses Threat to the Global Security

Course-Report and Business Writing:

This course provided me with tools to interact with other students and benefit from their knowledge to improve the quality of my assignment. I attached two papers to this blog entry. One illustrates that how one student gave feedback to my assignment and how I followed that instruction. This course is great for anyone who wants to learn that tactic of writing formal or informal letters to others. I also bought the textbook. The book is useful for anyone wants to learn another aspect of good writing and how to secure employment.

Peer Review Memo

P.AdlDoustiHagh-UBC Eric T


I am confident at this time that English language proficiency has been improving significantly. However, this program is a first stepping stone for me to take more English courses to improve my English language writing skills.

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