John McCain Not a Hero

Mr.McCain dropped deadly bombs on Vietnamese that they were civilians, women, and children, that they wanted to live in peace. Therefore, he is not a hero.



An Open Letter to PM of Canada

Dear Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Honorable Christina Alexandra “Chrystia” Freeland

RE: Human Rights and Freedom

In the past several weeks, Canada is represented by Right Honorable Trudeau and Honorable Freeland that other developing nations like Saudi Arabia and Philippines are having severe issues about human rights. How about Canada. Is Canada a land of law and order? Not really, Canada, too, has human rights issues. Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Freeland do not experience human rights violation because they are coming from the power elite families or they are now part of the power elite. They do not have to worry about anything. One reason, the Liberal Party of Canada formed a government back in 2015. It was because of Right Honorable Stephen Harper, who began to legislate laws that they were real draconian laws. It was not because people wanted Mr. Trudeau to form a government.

Let’s look at how police treat ethnic people in Canada compared to white people.

In this video clip, you can see a non-white person made a citizen arrest, and police charged him for exercising his legal rights. However, the second video clip illustrates that a white man assaulted several individuals for robbery, and he must call police and police to do the follow-up. Police did nothing to him. Sadly, the white culture treats him as a hero.


The above incidents are not some isolated incidents that they can be forgotten. There is another example of white culture domination in Canada. Here, some men mind their own business, and taking pictures and the police deems them as potential criminals.


The Canadian Constitution allows Canadians to enjoy peaceful assembly. However, Canadians are assaulted and brutalized by police.


Even police admit that Canada does not have the constitution.


Bubbles assaulted one police officer.


One of the tricks that police officers use in Canada that they hit you with their upper body, and claim that you assaulted a peace officer. It is an ongoing issue in Canada.

The bottom line, I could draft a long letter that how Canada is a number one country in this world for violation of human rights. The United Nations is the puppet of the west and will do nothing about it. Therefore, kindly fix the problems in Canada before Canada exports its values to other nations.

Strong Language

I see there are some individuals on the social media outlets or during the social interaction; they use foul languages to express their views to others. This action illustrates to me two points:

1. Poor family up-bringing.
2. Lack of higher education causes the person not to be able to express their views to others.
Therefore, it is not a talent to use the “F” word or other strong vocabularies to illustrate a point.

Historical fact:
When the Persian army attacked Roman forces, who were behind the fortress, the Roman troops felt secure behind tall walls and used strong language against the Persian forces. The Persian forces became spearheaded and brought the wall down and slaughter every Roman soldier without any mercy.1


1. Robert Greene “The 33 Strategies of War”

Canada has Poor Human Rights Record, Too.

  1. Immanuel Kant in his book “Perpetual Peace” says no nation to interfere in another country domestic affairs to have peace. Why did Canada question Saudi Arabia’s human rights? Canada has a worst human rights record. The Aboriginal people in Canada represent 3% of the population, and they represent more than 50% of the prison system.
  2. The Holy Bible says do not judge others, not to be judged. Plus, it means do not blame others and look inside of yourself and will discover your own mistakes. Canada has racial profiling issues in Canada and is doing nothing to fix it.
    The United Nations is another example of the Western power to dominate nonwestern nations.
  3. I am not attacking at anyone or trying to make anyone feel bad. In my view, it is a racist view that the rest of the world must follow the West. Be like we or we are going to destroy you.
  4. I know my words came forward strong, but someone needs to say something here. Saudi Arabia must defend its national sovereignty. Otherwise, the US 1979 Revolution in Iran, will happen in Saudi Arabia.

Race in Canada

These days, we are witnessing a big wave of racism in Canada for several factors:

  1.  The issue of racism never was discussed in Canada.
  2. The effect of racism disguised under a banner of hidden racism.
  3. The point of racism in Canada shifted to the US and covered the issue of racism with honey.

Therefore, today Canada is experiencing racism, and the voice of racism is coming from a mouth of individuals that the least we are expecting because they were not challenged in their private sphere and made believed that Canada has no race issue.


  2. Everyone is illegal immigrant, except the Aboriginal people.

Freedom or Racism?

Before anyone begins to have an outcry that the author of this paper is a racist person, think twice. I am not a racist person. I enjoy intellectual debate to expand my horizon and break away from a cycle of mental malnourishment.

A camera begins to roll and is an illustrating point of a family that they are under attack by a man who is using harsh words and is asking them to leave their province. However, the public does not know what the family tells a lone man before him approaching them. According to the family, the man is intoxicated. The question comes to mind that why did not the family leave the scene and avoid the whole scene? Is the family antagonizing the man? The family cannot claim that they are afraid of the man at the time because they outnumber him, and they are standing there and are arguing with him. At one point, it is clear that the man is smiling as he is arguing with the lone man.

Coming to this point, is it against the law someone to hold a view that Ontario is his province? Is it against the law to ask someone to leave his province? Because of the family, too, could ask the man to leave his province.

Overall, I am happy to see this matter if before the judicial system and no one is harmed. Hoping a debate would take place among lawyers in this matter and not easy plea bargain.


Walk Away from Progress

I watched this video clip; it is a good one to watch. The video clip is discussing how the notion of class conflict has broadened in the realm of sexual identity and race. The 1% is controlling all facets of society. The left side of the political spectrum is calling for an egalitarian society.

The person on the video clip says that the left side of the political faction has gone too far in their agenda to create an egalitarian society. Therefore, he no longer endorses the left side of the political party, but now he aligned with the right side of the politics.

Now, it is time to do a reality check. People in the US cannot afford to pay an ambulance fee; they prefer to die and not to live. There is no chance for people to have advancement, the system created a fake illusion that anyone can do better. However, the number of homelessness is on the rise in the US.

Therefore, it is straightforward for someone to say walk away from progress and let’s preserve the status quo and backwardness which is moving forward in his life no matter what.