Monarch Park Swimming Pool

This is Monarch Park Swimming pool, I worked at this swimming pool one summer back in 94s or maybe 95s.


There used to be a watchtower by the diving board and I was sitting on it and watching people. Several guys, it appeared to me they were Jamaican, they were laughing and were telling me, and pointing a guy to me that he wanted to dive into the deep end, and not letting him to do because he did not know how to swim.

I looked at him and he was a big guy and assumed his friends were just causing trouble for him. He walked on the diving board and dived in the semi-circle area of the pool. He began to splash the water around himself, I thought he was joking with me. My brain began to kick in training, he was splashing the water around himself because he did not know how to swim. I blew my whistle and dived in the pool. I went under him and put him on my hip. My brain began to go through all the training stages that I received. He was bigger than me, I was short of breath, and could not come-up to take fresh air, he would pull me down. In that case, I had to kick him away from me and move to another stage of rescue which was a donut or hanger to pull him aside. So, I sucked up and pull him to the side of the pool and two guys that they were lifeguards, they pulled him out of the pool.

During hot summertime, lifeguards were not doing lifeguarding, we were doing crowd control. I had an amazing time with lifeguards and patrons of the pool.


Unstable People are Coming in any Shape and Color

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On Saturday, October 30th, 2017 one man who adopted Canada as his home, he did not like polytheism. He believed that other faith groups were worshiping a false god and must be killed. He decided to kill others.

On Sunday, October 01st, 2017 a news broke out that a man with several assault rifles in Las Vegas began to open fire on people randomly and killing them.

Therefore, people who are unstable, they come in many shapes and forms. Simply they need an idea to justify their brutality.

Hillary Clinton Fear Mongering

On September 28th, 2017 Ms. Hillary Clinton held an event in Toronto, ON, Canada and discussed the result of the post-election. She accused Russia, WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange to interfere in domestic politics of the US. Later on, she developed the doom and gloom day theory that democracy was under attack in US and Canada.

What she said, it was not a new idea to anyone. In fact, she repeated what the US president Mr. George Bush told us that democracy was under attack and the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. The US democracy is not under attack, the US foreign policy is always to interfering in domestic affairs of other nations and causes unrest in their countries. It is the US which is causing havoc around the world. It is the US that needs to stop its propaganda that wants to export democracy to other nations.

Let’s look at the notion of democracy that what people have endured in the US. The US politicians are on the payroll of the lobby groups. The US politicians are legislating laws that those laws are beneficial for the 1% of the population. Therefore, the US democracy is not under attack and no one wants their democracy or envies their democracy. Plus, the US legislative body passed laws that turned the US into a police state. Now, a person cannot think outside of the box. Everyone must submit to the will of the secret service of the US.

Therefore, no one is really interested in the US politics, or democracy. It is time for the US politicians to take care of their own people and that is a democracy when people are having peace of mind. They are not worried about their bills to pay. The young minds are attending higher education without worrying how to pay back their student loans. And not bankers are becoming rich at expense of students or hardworking people. This is now a democracy and maybe other nations like Canada have it and do not need the US democracy. Canada is not under attack by other nations because it is not waging war against other nations. Thus, Canada is a safe country to be.


Cyrus the Great and Justin Trudeau

Cyrus the Great received revelation from God to emancipate Jews from the tyranny of Nabonidus, who was the king of Babylon. Cyrus the Great also provided financial resources to the Jews to move from Babylon to their promise land Jerusalem to build their temple and worship their God. And Cyrus the Great drafted the first Human Rights Declaration which is now on display in the British Museum.


Now, there is Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, whose act have resemblance to Cyrus the Great. PM Trudeau is appearing at different religious ceremonies, and worshiping God with them. It is truly amazing to see that one man is showing high respect to other faith groups. He is reducing religious friction in Canada and helping Canadians to respect one another and put their differences aside and think about future of Canada.

End Time

The Holy Bible is a good book to read and learning knowledge from it. There is one aspect of the Bible that has caught the attention of people since the dawn of the history; it is called Revelation. It is predicting the end time will come with signs and symbols. The signs and symbols to look for are, planet earth will be going through a transformation, widespread of corruption on the earth, feminine, pestilence, drought, rumors of wars, ongoing of natural disasters. In the midst of chaos, a man will appear who will astray people by his knowledge. The Bible does not say exactly what date the earth will come to an end. Thus, the room opens for people to guess a day for the end of the time.


Isaac Newton was a mathematician and an astrologist. He took upon himself to predict the end time by reading the Bible and said that it would be 2060. It is far away date for us since we are living in 2017. The Jehovah Witnesses, a Christian denomination predicted that the end time would be 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925 and 1975. The end time did not come.

It was back in 1999 when I became familiar with the Western culture that liked to predict its demise. Let’s drop off everything now because the end was coming as the computer systems were going to crash during the celebration of the new year 2000. This historical moment was known as Y2K. The world was going to move to the state of total anarchy. People were thinking to buy foods and stored them in their homes. The idea of surviving Y2K was a big deal. Also, there was Nostradamus prediction that the year 1999 would be that last year of humankind. Well, the year 2000 came, and nothing happened. However, people did not stop predicting their end. The scholars of the end time did not stop their agenda; they predicted that on December 21, 2012, based on the Mayan calendar, the end time was upon us. It turned out to be a false alarm. Now, the scholars of the end time theory transformed into a cult. They were recruiting individuals in their belief systems that the end closed. They use movie clips as a measure to support their claims that Hollywood knew something about the end time.

Coming to the focal point, the Holy Bible is clear as a clean water that anyone can see the bottom of it. Noone knows the end time. God will not be coming to share His secret with others. Live life peacefully, and enjoy it. Those individuals are predicting the end time; they may predict the next lottery draw, and if they win, they should give the money to their chosen charity organization.