Do Not Be Angry at God or Jesus

Please do not be angry at God or Jesus because you are going through emotional and physical pain. This life is a place of test, as God says in the Bible, the gates to His Kingdom is narrow, and steep hills. The Beatitude teaches us that those who believe in God, He will test us hard to prove that we are worthy of Him.


People who leave their countries because of war or anything, it is self-imposed exile. They are in state of fear and anxiety at all times because they do not have sense of security. It is robbed from them, and feel anxious in a new home. Acting in this manner it steals their dignities. It does not help them to integrate in society.

The Victor Wrote the 1979 Revolution of Iran

The 1979 Revolution


The Victor wrote the 1979 Revolution of Iran. In this case, the Victor is: the President of the United States Jimmy Carter; Hollywood; and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) allied together to topple the Pahlavi Dynasty. The idea was not just overthrowing the monarchy system in Iran. The idea was the destruction of the Middle East. ​

The parameter of this paper is based on the personal historical account of how the above entities propagate hate in Iran and continued the foreign policy of death and destruction to turn the Middle East nations into rubble.​

I came from Iran’s Azerbaijan. The Holy Bible identified the Azeri people as Mede tribe. They were proud individuals and did not allow outsiders to push them around. When the Ottoman Empire encroached Iran’s land, and Iran’s national army could not defend its national sovereignty in the Province of Azerbaijan; the city of Tabriz became part of Ottoman Empire, yet Iranian-Azeri did not allow the Turks to disgrace them. They retook their motherland from the Turks and preserved the national integrity of Iran. Azeri people’s act of heroism went beyond the realm of one action. They shaped Iran’s political landscape.​

In 1978, I lived in Tabriz with my parents, and I did not know much about the complex world that we lived in. One day, the television showed former US President Jimmy Carter was in Iran at the palace of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. Mr. Carter held a glass of champagne and praised Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi for keeping the Middle East in the state of peace. Indeed, Imperial Iranian Armed Forces had the title of the Middle East gendarmerie. The Armed Forces were involved in several missions in regional countries that could not deal with communist guerrilla warfare. Within a short timeframe, Iran’s Armed Forces restored peace in these countries. During this epoch, Iran was reliving the pre-Islamic era of Iran. It was the time of Cyrus the Great, where there was religious tolerance, freedom of speech, and freedom of thoughts. There were no religious minority groups, and peace among different religious groups. Women were not marginalized in the society, but were part of a more significant community. Women made their choice to wear a headscarf or not; women could become a police officer or whichever profession they wanted to be. The King used welfare liberalism to move Iran’s economy from feudalism to a growing liberal economy. In 1971, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi marked his success by celebrating 2500 years of monarchy in Iran by inviting dignitaries from around the world to Iran at the Persepolis. ​

Witnessing a Nightmare:

In 1978, I was seven years old, and I saw people burning tires in the middle of streets. They were chanting “death to the king”. They were shouting that Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was the puppet of the US. The radio declared a military curfew and people had to be at their home at sunset. It was at this moment that the British Broadcasting Corporation began to echo Khomeini’s voice in Iran. He would tell people to go out and destroy public property and kill anyone with a uniform. He promised people once the Pahlavi Dynasty were destroyed, he would establish a free ride society. As Machiavelli said, “people change their master when one side offers a better deal for them”. ​

One day, television showed Cinema Rex of Abadan burned down by arsonists. Patrons of the movie theater died because of fire. The revolutionary people blamed the atrocity on Iran’s secret service, which was called SAVAK. People began to accept it. The unrest in Iran became a big wave. The US President Mr. Carter was continuously announcing that he supported Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. Consequently, people were getting more angry at the King and were saying, the King was the puppet of the US and must be brought down. ​

Black Friday:

There were rumors in Iran that Yasser Arafat deployed its guerrilla forces in Iran to cause unrest among people. There were Iranians like Mostafa Chamran, who left Iran and received guerrilla training from Palestinian authorities, and then came back to Iran. Iran’s security dismantled because of General Hossein Fardoust, who was responsible and accountable to ensure security in Iran. He betrayed the King. He would not debrief the King properly, and would omit facts from the King which created a black hole to impede the King from making a proper decision for His Peacock Throne. ​

On Friday, September 08th, 1978 it became known as Black Friday in Iran. People city of Tehran came out to chant death to the King. The soldiers lined up in the street. All of a sudden, the demonstrators were killed in mass sheer numbers. The soldiers did not carry that large number of ammunition with themselves. The soldiers had five bullets in their assault rifles. There were eyewitnesses account that they saw people on the rooftops of the buildings who were shooting at people. Some persons claimed that some individuals covered their faces with Palestinian scarf among masses and out of the blue sky opened fired at them.  ​

The Final Act:

There was an enormous pressure from the Western nations to topple the Pahlavi Dynasty. One reason that the Western countries did not like Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, it was because His Imperial Majesty raised Iran from ashes of ruin to its pinnacle point.  (Iran was not a desolate land. It was a land of modernity and progress.  I have been living in Canada since 1991. I experience the racism that how people regard me as a sub-human. They view me as a backward man who does not know anything about life, and should be treated with disrespect. ) One reason that the Western nations hated His Imperial Majesty to His death, it was because He formed OPEC and allowed the Middle East nations to determine the price of oil and not what the Western countries wanted. As He left Iran, the amount of oil plummeted from $40.00 US per barrel to $3.00 US per barrel. ​

On January 16th, 1979 His Imperial Majesty left to prevent further bloodshed in Iran. The last word He uttered prior of boarding the plane “Iran will turn into a cemetery.”​

The Arrival of Death:

On February 01st, 1979 Khomeini was on an Air France flight and came back to Iran. On his way, one American reporter asked him how he felt coming back to Iran after 15 years of exile? He said “nothing.”  Jimmy Carter and TIME Magazine referred to Khomeini as a saint and savior of the Middle East. They were lying to people and planting the seed of evil in Iran and the Middle East. Khomeini was anything but a saint. He was the number 666. He launched slaughterhouses, killed as many people he could. He issued a religious decree to the Revolutionary Guards and Paramilitary factions that the girls were raped before their execution so they would not go to paradise. Confiscating Baha’i’s properties and anyone deemed posed a threat to the system. Khomeini was hungry and thirsty for the blood of innocent people.  ​

Future of Iran​:

Future of Iran is not bleak. It is a black hole because the Western nations are aiding to keep Khomeini in power. For example, Khomeini’s granddaughter attended the University of Toronto and received a red carpet with the help of Member of Provincial Parliament Reza Moridi. Would Canada do drop a red carpet to Nazi individuals were involved in the Holocaust?

Toronto Sun

The nature of newspaper is to act as a medium between people who do not have power and people who have power. To question the system, and contribute to an open atmosphere of dialogue among different classes. However, the Toronto Sun is unlike what anyone would think of. It is a paper that only promotes that value of higher power.

Back in the 90s, it would publish girls in the bikini in its third page. Nothing wrong with girls wearing a bikini and posing for cameras. However, this was the problem, it published on the third page of the paper, and a male person like was reading an article on the second page and a female person was passing by me, she was having negative ideas about me now.

Later on, the Toronto Sun published its girl on the last page. And now the girls are not exploited and may get exposure in their field of fashion.


Power of Socialism

Socialism is good because everyone benefits from it. For example, our healthcare is a bedrock of equality in Canada. It is a proven fact. It is contributing to a healthy and vibrant economy. The profit sectors benefit from it because Canadians are always healthy and ready to work.

When the health care system is failing, it is not because socialism is not working, but because politicians are intentionally sabotaging the system to create a dynamic of class struggle in society. Proven fact, Mike Harris back in the 90s he did it, and today we are dealing with homelessness issue in Ontario.