Hidden Voices

In one picture, these is an image of shelter that homeless members of this community use. The shelter has a fence, it gives an impression that the homeless individuals are pushed to the margin of society.


The White House Jihadi

1. From this point on, I call the White House, the White House Jihadi.

2. Back in 1978, the US played the same dirty game with Iranians, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi abdicated the Peacock Throne and allowed Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar to form a regency government. People became quiet. All of sudden Jimmy Carter said that he supported Dr. Bakhtiar and people revolted against Dr. Bakhtiar, too.

3. Jimmy Carter also had a master plan to make Iran a democracy. The US needs to understand that no one wants their democracy or anything to do with them.


The Western Jihad

This paper does not endorse or advocate any means of violence. It does not take the side of any Middle Eastern despot. It is written in a fashion to build a bridge among nations and people to end this nonsense and never-ending the war which has been going on since post 9/11.

Reading academic textbooks that they published in the 90s, some advocated the policy of exporting western democracy to the rest of the world. These types of books borrowed the corporate product like Coke that how this commodity dominated the global market and enjoyed by consumers around the world. Thus, it would be rational and wise to create a similar world that there is absent of diversity. Some scholars used popular culture as a universal denominator to bring diverse cultures to one table and assimilate to the western culture because the nonwestern nations watch the western pop culture. The above notion that the rest of the world to transform itself in the culture of the west became a political end when the horrific tragedy of 9/11 happened. The US President George Bush already had his manifesto “Rebuilding America’s Defence.” The proclamation declared war against all nations around the world, and all countries had to come to the subjugation of the US. It was another Pax-Roman, the only difference was that this was Pax-US. It means there is peace as long as other countries would follow the US without any hesitation. The US foreign policy of global domination was not something new. In fact, it went to the dawn of history that how a nation would build an empire by crumbling other countries. This paper aims to explore how the western powers have been destroying the Middle Eastern nations since World War Two, and incorporating the above theory in the jihad of the west.

It is beyond the scope of this paper to go through historical accounts that how one nation dominated other nations to build their empire or their New World Order. One report that resonates in mind, it was England and Russia’s regime change back in 1941 in Iran, when Reza Shah Pahlavi reigned. England wanted fossil fuel to run its military machines to confront German’s Wehrmacht. Russia had a common interest in England because they did not want Germany to have economic ties with Iran. Therefore, England and Russia invaded Iran. This military excursion in Iran by England and Russia caused Reza Shah Pahlavi to abdicate the Peacock Throne in favor of his son, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. There are many details in this event how England contemplated to restore Qajar dynasty in Iran. However, Prime Minister Forough played a key role not to allow Qajar dynasty to restored in Iran. Is this not an act of Jihad by the western nations against a middle eastern country?

Post 9/11 the US foreign policy began to implementing the manifesto of “Rebuilding America’s Defense.” The US declared war against the middle eastern nations that they were terrorist, harboring terrorism, and possessed the weapon of mass destruction. Therefore, the US had no choice but a preemptive strike to do regime change in those nations and establish western democracy in them. As time passed, it became evident that the US lied to everyone that the middle eastern countries had the weapon of the mass destruction. It was an excuse for the US to drop deadly bombs on them and turning the nations into stone ages. Is that not an act of jihad?

All in all, it would be an excellent academic paper to draft and do facts finding great details that how the western nations have been doing jihad until now. Once, it is clear for people that where the west foreign policy stand, people will stop supporting the cause of war for the jihad of the west to be implemented in other nations.

Politics vs Business

There is a perceived notion that if a person has done well in business, it is most likely they do well in politics, too. However, it does not mean necessarily true. The nature of politics is different than business. The quality of politics is about to manage conflict and diplomacy, and the quality of the business is about to deceive others to gain more. Therefore, the bottom line for politics is different than business.

The above claim illustrated by using factional events which took place in North America by pointing the direction of this pen toward former Mayor of Toronto Mel Lastman, the current leader of the Provincial Conservative Party of Ontario Doug Ford, and the US President, Donald Trump.

In the 1990s, the city of Toronto decided to amalgamate with other cities, and form Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Mr. Mel Lastman was a Mayor of North York and decided to run for Mayor’s office of the Mega City. He won the election and defeated Barbara Hall. Citizens cast their votes for Mr. Lastman because of two factors. One, he owned a furniture store called Bad Boy. He was a well-known name in the region. He already came to people’s dinner table using television advertisement. Hence, he was in people’s home. He gained people’s trust. Last, he was an immigrant from Poland and did well for himself. He envisaged to public’s confidence that he knew what he was doing. Notably, at the time of the mayoral election, Province of Ontario was going through the drama of Conservative Government of Mike Harris that how he demolished social safety network.

When public elected Mr. Lastman to the Mega City’s Mayor Office, he misused Mayor’s Office and made some terrible choices in his political career. Eventually, he appeared before the judicial system and exonerated himself by saying that he was an illiterate man who did not know how to read and write. Others helped him to do it. Furthermore, he caused more damage to Canada’s reputation on the global scale beyond anyone’s imagination. In 2001, he was invited to go to Kenya to promote the city of Toronto for Olympic 2008. He was counterproductive. He told others that he did not want to go to Kenya because of human cannibalism. In another incident, when Toronto rampaged with SARS and World Health Organization (WHO) came to Toronto, he asked who is who? The last notable incident happened when the Hell’s Angels were advertising that they would be holding their annual ride and would be gathering at a specific point. He went to that location and shook hand with a Hell’s Angel member and when Toronto Police Services informed him that he made a poor choice. He replied by saying that he did not know that Hell’s Angel’s involved in illegal drug activities.

Mr. Doug Ford is the brother of belated Mr. Rob Ford. When they were elected representative at the City of Toronto as a councilor and mayor, they turned the municipal government upside down. It was like a circus. The two brothers involved in shoving match with others, using their massive bodies to push down the stairs on a senior woman, total disregard for safety and well-being of others. He ran unsuccessfully for Mayor’s Office, but he failed. However, the political tide has changed for him now. People of Ontario are frustrated how the Liberal Government carried some of the affairs, and people want to give the boot to the government and contemplating to cast their votes to the Conservative Party of Ontario which is leading by Mr. Doug Ford. The future of Ontario is reflecting what he did at the City of Toronto when he was a city councilor. Plus, recently, he commented that he wanted to cut the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s budget. He does not know that the provincial government has no jurisdiction in Crown Corporation.

Mr. Trump is the last person for this paper as an ultimate player that politics and business do not mix. Mr. Trump knows how to start a good fight with others. He knows how to manipulate his opponents. However, it is not same as politics. In the realm of politics, a conflict appears on the surface, and politicians use their diplomacy technique to create Peace, Order, and Good Government (POG). Mr. Trump does not reflect that. Mr. Trump only illustrates his business will power that he has more muscle than others and could do anything that he wishes for.

In conclusion, the nature of politics is different than business. To do politics, it requires understanding what leads to POG. The nature of the business is about creating an image for someone, and exploiting the situation. It is about mirage in the desert. It is an absurd idea to assume because someone is doing well in business, they can perform well in politics. Politics is difficult and complicated; it requires academic training, and experience in the field. Otherwise, people who came from business field to politics field, they make comments and act in a fashion that it is nothing, but an embarrassment to the whole nation.