Walk Away from Progress

I watched this video clip; it is a good one to watch. The video clip is discussing how the notion of class conflict has broadened in the realm of sexual identity and race. The 1% is controlling all facets of society. The left side of the political spectrum is calling for an egalitarian society.

The person on the video clip says that the left side of the political faction has gone too far in their agenda to create an egalitarian society. Therefore, he no longer endorses the left side of the political party, but now he aligned with the right side of the politics.


Now, it is time to do a reality check. People in the US cannot afford to pay an ambulance fee; they prefer to die and not to live. There is no chance for people to have advancement, the system created a fake illusion that anyone can do better. However, the number of homelessness is on the rise in the US.

Therefore, it is straightforward for someone to say walk away from progress and let’s preserve the status quo and backwardness which is moving forward in his life no matter what.





The Capitalist System Produces the Communism

The capitalist system produces the communism system because the capitalist system nourishes itself by human greed. The greed has no mercy and does not know its mother. It cuts everything from the root and uproots anything stand against its desire.

It is this greed for more wealth cause the housing situation in Canada to become upside down and not because foreign investors are targeting housing industry in Canada. Currently, there is the voice of racism which is justifying the skyrocket in housing prices in Canada.

Now, it is impossible for anyone to rent a place by themselves. A person needs to have a roommate to rent a home. Tomorrow, it will be impossible to have meals, and all monies are going toward rent and nothing left for people.

During the Industrial Revolution, people exploited in the factories, and now in the advanced stage of Industrial Revolution, people are exploited by rent prices. Once, they begin to see that there is no future in this liberal economy, they will walk toward communism, and want to live in communism rather than the system of liberalism which is exploiting them.

Therefore, it is the capitalist system which is producing the communism and motivating people to reject the liberal values.

MS 13 is not an animal

When first generation Iranians came to Canada, they began to experience barriers in the society. Consequently, they formed their gang, called it “Persian Pride.” As time passed by, members of Persian Pride gang noticed other Iranians who attended school; they became doctors, teachers or lawyers. There were some Iranians who launched their businesses. The Canadian society allows people to integrate into mainstream society. Therefore, the members of Persian Pride gang quitted life of crime. 1

Now, there is the US which has the melting pot policy. When newcomers are coming to the US, they face barriers at school; they cannot gain employment whatsoever. They form gangs to protect themselves from the rival gang members and providing financial security for themselves and families. They entrapped in a revolving door of crime with no prospect of breaking away from a life of crime.

Where would you want to live? Should we call them with derogatory names?

End note:

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“Launching your Brand: Get Noticed!”

I would like to invite you to an upcoming workshop presentation, “Launching your Brand: Get Noticed!”, taking place June 25, 2018 at our main Abbotsford Community Services  (ACS) location.
We are delighted to have two excellent speakers share their tips for success. Peyman will speak about the need for adaptability in your settlement process and the value in building connections for success, while Danielle will share her experience as a marketing guru, explaining how professionalism and uniqueness of branding are key for standing out in the marketplace.
This is a chance for you to meet fellow newcomer professionals, learn some valuable networking and branding tips, and reconnect with the Employment Mentors team. If you have not had a chance to meet Bibi or myself yet, we would love to see you there!
Please see the attached flyer for more details, including how to register. Please register by Thursday, June 21, 2018.
Light refreshments are provided.
LinkedIn profiles of our presenters:

Mr. Donald Trump Negotiation Strategy

Mr. Donald Trump negotiation strategy is to start a fire by demoralizing his party within the framework of fighting. Once, the other party is in a state of panic, and disbelief, he invites the party to the negation table to discuss his terms with them. Therefore, he cultivates an atmosphere of fear and dominance on his opponents and a win-lose situation for himself.

Dealing with Mr. Trump is about developing a conversational strategy which based on manipulation, continues argument, and blaming everything on him so he would lose his confidence and create a plan of win-lose.

There is no mutual ground with Mr. Trump. There is only one way which is pushing him to the corner and not letting him talk.

Jordan Peterson is a Right Wing Fanatic

Mr. Jordan Peterson caught the attention of the news because he believes Bill C-16 which is advocating individuals rights to their preferred choice of pronouns, it cannot be exercised because individuals are born male or female. Thus, there is one way of life, and that is the traditional view about gender. A person is born male or female, and there is no alternative view about gender. Mr. Peterson did not shy away from his beliefs and began to speak loudly in the public domain. He invited to several shows, and the hosts asked him questions about his political views, he denies them. For example, Mr. Peterson appeared at “Nightly News with Lester Holt,” and the host asked Peterson, were you a radical right wing? Peterson denied that he was a radical right wing. He replied to the question that it was a silly question because there was no evidence to support Mr. Holt’s claim. When the host asked him about his political view. Peterson asserted that he had no political view. Mr. Holt said that your fans were the radical right wing. Mr. Peterson began to reinvent the whole notion of fan that those individuals subscribed to his YouTube channel were not fans. According to Mr. Peterson Rock stars had fans, he had individuals that they were listening to him carefully due to the complexity of the issues that he was discussing with his audiences. Thus, they were not just fans. At some point, he talked with BBC the title of the segment of the show was “Who is Jordan Peterson?” He said that when he was in the talk shows, he always talked about politics, and he was not talking politics.

Therefore, Dr. Peterson, who had a Ph.D. in clinical psychology to illustrates to him that he was a radical right wing. He denied that he spoke politics, but he did speak politics.

Point One:

Mr. Peterson always was using the concept of no evidence to run away from reality by saying there was no evidence to support a claim that he made a political statement. In the academic arena, it was easy to tell a P.h.D candidate there was no evidence so they would study more. However, in real life, there were pieces of evidence that he spoke politics when he stepped in the realm of politics and rejected Bill C-16. He took a stand against the Canadian parliament. Now, he did not want to stand-up for his cause and wanted to run away as if the real world was a playground for him. Mr. Peterson was not worthy of a person to listen to his views when he did not want to stand by his conviction.

Point Two:

Mr. Peterson was a radical right wing. Just look at his YouTube channel and could see him decorated his YouTube channel with the name of God, and gave an impression of being a church by displaying color image at the corner of his YouTube channel. Therefore, Mr. Peterson was running away from his own identity that who he was as a person. He was not worthy of watching him or following him.

All in all, Mr. Peterson was unable to reach to himself and to understand who he was as a person and was not in a position to tell others they were male or female. Mr. Peterson knew how to dress well for his conservative photo shoots, but he had no idea that who he was as a person. Mr. Peterson was a man who did not stand by his political views and used every scape goals to run away from reality. It would be beneficial for him to continue his work in the area of the cartoons where he would be able to engage the younger audiences that they were interested about simple ideas and did not involve in taking a stand by an idea. He was not a man of honor; he was a man who only wanted to play. Let him play in the playland where he was comfortable to expresses his view with his friends.