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When Western Professors Are Evil

My English grammar is poor. However, I am using my capital knowledge to make the world a better place for everyone.

Countless western professors receive funds from the mullahs to give a positive image of the mullahs in Iran.

When these university professors accept money from the mullahs to write a piece for them and spread mullahs’ message to the rest of the world, these university professors are violating human rights. These university professors need to ask themselves, why am I taking part in hurting other human beings?

Suppose these university professors are not asking themselves the above question. Then, they are an evil person.

William O Beeman Evil Person

RE: You Are An Evil Man

For the past forty-two years, the clerics in Iran are murdering Iranians in their dungeons in cold blood, without faith and mercy. The clerics plunder Iran’s wealth and deposit in western nations.

As of right now, the clerics hand over Iran’s sovereignty to China. China’s Red Military will have a base in Iran to suppress Iranians seeking freedom like Hong Kong, Mongolia, Muslims in China and Tibet.

Soon, Iranians will work in sweatshops. China’s multinational corporates will violate all labour laws in Iran. Those corporates will dump their toxic materials in the environment and will cause environmental degradation.

The bottom line is that the clerics in Iran pay US professors like you to write propaganda pieces for them. Where is your honour? How could you call yourself a human being at the cost of the blood of Iranians? You are an evil man.

Revelation from Hasan Abbasi How the Mullah’s Economy Function

Revelation from Hasan Abbasi How the Mullah’s Economy Function


At the time of the Pahlavi Dynasty, Iranians went abroad to pursue social science with public funds. Upon their arrival to Iran, they gained employment in the field of their studies. Consequently, Iran began slowly to move from a developing nation to a developed country. However, the 1979 Revolution engineered by US President Jimmy Carter, and the British Broadcasting Corporation installed Khomeini in power in Iran. Iran’s progress toward a modern and developed nation stopped.

The revolutionary forces that they acquired fake academic credentials from the western educational institutes to foment revolution in Iran and those who did not achieve any theoretical knowledge. They began to shape Iran’s economic policies, political policies and social policies. 

Therefore, Iran began to suffer from stagnant economic policies, political policies and social policies. It took almost forty years for the Islamic Republic of Iran to lose its identity as a savour of Iranians toward salvation and brought death and misery to Iranians.

Hasan Abbasi Contribution to Iran:

Mr. Abbasi is a Revolutionary Guard who participated during Iran and Iraq War. He provided his service to Iran. It is honourable and respectable what he did for Iran. 

Hasan Abbasi’s Academic Credential:

Mr. Abbasi has given himself the academic credential title of Ph.D. in the field of Political Strategist. He is working as a university professor and teaching university students. However, there is no record of him proving which university he enrolled to gain his Ph.D.?

Hasan Abbasi and Military College:

Mr. Abbasi does not have any record to prove that he attended a military college to acquire the art of war.

Hasan Abbasi’s Role at the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Mr. Abbasi is also working as a political advisor to the state of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Abbasi has one strategy on his mind, engaging in asymmetrical warfare with Western nations because the western countries are infield and corrupt due to their cultural value belief system. He strongly advocates the notion of martyrdom.

Hasan Abbasi’s Economy Principles:

Mr. Abbasi says that western nations have one form of economy, buying goods and services. However, the Islamic economy is focusing on selling.

Mr. Abbasi does not know how the economic system function. The financial system has two fundamental principles, supply and demand. 

The economic system functions in this format, all being equal; a seller sells its goods and or services to a buyer due to the law of the supply and demand principles at the equilibrium price. Otherwise, the market economy or any form of economic system does not work.

In the absence of a proper functioning economic system of a nation, it will fall in a state of disarray as the Islamic Republic of Iran’s economy is dysfunctional and defunct now, and the mullahs handed over Iran’s national sovereignty to China. 

Mr. Abbasi Shed Light on Mullahs Plan to Hand Over Iran To China:

Mr. Abbasi does not know political terminology. During his lecture on his YouTube channel, cleric Hasan Rohani wanted Iran to have an Open Door Policy with the US, and the idea stemmed from China and US foreign policy. Abbasi called this form of policy an Open Door Policy.1

China and the US did not have an open-door policy. China and the US had a ping pony diplomacy2 because China implemented the policy of autarky. However, the ping pong diplomacy opened China’s communist economic system to the capitalist and liberal financial system. 

China’s Bargaining Chip with the US:

Mr. Abbasi is correct when he says China had a bargaining chip with the US because China had nuclear power and was part of the United Nations Security Council’s permanent seat. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not have the same advantage as China.

Mullahs Handing Over Iran to China:

Cleric Hasan Rouhani drafted a manifesto called “New China,” in this manifesto, he wanted to use a similar strategy to open the US embassy in Iran. However, Rouhani failed to do so.3

Currently, the mullahs sold Iran’s natural resources to China in return for military protection for one reason. The mullahs deposited Iran’s assets from cash to any form of commodities in foreign banks. Thus, the mullahs made Iran’s economy to become bankrupt. Iranians are impoverished and are experiencing class conflict at a high point. The mullahs have everything, and Iranians have nothing. Iranians want to save themselves from poverty and tyranny. Iranians are calling for a regime change in Iran. Iran’s security apparatus feel the same way as Iranians. They are not able to have access to the basic necessity of life. 

Therefore, the mullahs brought China’s army to Iran to kill Iranians at the time of the uprising. The Chinese military will execute the same tactic it used in Tibet and Hong Kong. The Chinese military will not show any mercy to Iranians. 

China is exploiting Iran’s natural resources, whether it is in the body of water of the Persian Gulf and other natural resources. Chinese corporations will disregard environmental issues and will cause environmental degradation. Most importantly, Iran does not have a labour law. The Chinese corporates will abuse and exploit Iranian workers in their factories. 

End Game:

The end game is between Iranians against the mullahs and the Chinese military. Iranians do not want the mullahs in Iran. Iranians will speak against the regime in Iran. The Chinese military will respond with the Iron Fist against Iranians. Iranians are unlike the Chinese because Iran’s culture is all about being standing up for justice. The Chinese culture, mentality and values are all about being subservient to a higher power. As Samuel P. Huntington discussed his theory of Clash of Civilizations, it may happen in Iran. 


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China is Posing Security Threat to Iranian’s Security

Yesterday, Portugal attacked at Iran and wanted Persian Gulf for itself. Iranians pushed Portugal back.

Today, #China wants to colonize #Iran. China is suffering from grand-delusion. Iranians would not allow that. Iranians are coming, look for a mouse hole.

Persian–Portuguese War – Wikipedia

China’s Grand Delusion of Colonizing Iran

The US installed its puppet regime in Iran with the British Broadcasting Corporation’s help; however, it failed to disintegrate Iran among its ethnic groups. The US was unable to change the Persian Gulf to Gulf. What does make China think it is going to colonize Iran? Iran has over 5000 years of history.

Iran had low and high points. Iran will rise again like a phoenix, and this time, we will not allow the western nations to deceive us.