US Foreign Policy in the Middle East is About Divide and Conquer


Peace for Kurds

Please do not go around and advocate self-autonomy for Kurds because the system will kill women and children as men are already dead. Let’s end this mind game of US foreign policy of fake freedom and democracy which delivers to people by bombs, bullets and civil wars, and let people live in peace and harmony as Immanuel Kant says no nation interfere in the affair of other countries to lead to perpetual peace.


Hijab Story

Recently a young lady came forward in Toronto, ON, and claimed that a man approached her, and cut her scarf. All Canadians from different backgrounds became outraged about this incident that a young girl targeted by a male who had Islamic phobia.

The response from the community was outstanding. Everyone rushed to assist the Muslim community and not to feel threatening by a coward act of one person. As police looked further into this matter, it became evident that her story had no merit whatsoever.

People should not judge an act of child as a bright example for the rest of the community. It would be essential to safeguard the interest of everyone and assist the young person who claimed to be approached by a man to cut her hijab to receive some training about life.