Irresponsible Western Media

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi ascended the Peacock Throne because, during WWII, England and Russia invaded Iran under the pretext that Reza Shah Pahlavi collaborated with Nazi Germany. However, the Western media are persistently claiming Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi installed it in power due to the 1953 Coup in Iran.

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi modernized Iran from all facets of life. The cleric faction stood against his modernity and progress—the left groups engaged in arms struggle against the regime. The Western media depicted the King as an evil force. Now, the clerics are murdering people, and the Western media is portraying the cleric leaders whose hands tainted in the blood of people as pragmatic leaders.

COVID-19 is Weapon of Mass Destruction

I am formulating my opinion based on my knowledge. The communist party of China is a rogue element; it has no plan to collaborate with other nations. Intentionally, the communist party in China developed COVID-19 as a new Weapon of Mass Destruction to destroy other countries. Therefore, China is accountable and responsible for its action and must compensate other nations that they faced damage.

It does not make sense a bat comes and bite another animal and causes a virus to begin to spread around the world. Furthermore, the World Health Organization must recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state and must not take sides with the communist party of China that Taiwan does not exist as a sovereign nation.

Ardashir Zahedi

Recently Mr. Ardashir Zahedi appeared on British Broadcasting Corporation and accused diaspora Iranians to transfer funds from Iran to the foreign regimes. Plus, the Iranian diaspora received funds from foreign regimes. It sounds precisely like a conspiracy theory.

I am not receiving any funds from anyone. I worked in a soap factory, and the owner of the means of production did not give me a mask to wear on my face. I developed a significant amount of health issues. When I reported the matter to a governmental agency, the agency told me to get lost. If I were receiving funds from a government, I would not work in a soap factory. I was living somewhere carefree like him after all individuals like him caused the Pahlavi dynasty to collapse.

Monarchy System or Republic System

Since the dawn of history, humankind’s experience of arrival and demise of two different forms of monarchy systems, it ranges from an absolute monarchy system to a constitutional monarchy system. The autonomy of a monarchy system, regardless it is an absolute system or constitutional system, it contributes to the class of nobility. The class of nobility does not earn its rank in society. It is a matter of luck by being born in a royal family. The royal family has unlimited access to resources. The royal family may engage in careless acts and costing state significant financial hardship. The system has a tax system to pay for the expenses. People are working and are paying taxes toward the national revenue. People would become agitated about having noble families who are living at their expense.

There are times that the head of state is developing domestic or foreign policies to move the nation toward modernity and progress. The head of the state’s vision for the country may not be aligned in what people want. Even some strategies may seem right, but people do not like what they see. Thus, it causes a division between the head of state and people.

The monarchy system has one power; it is about unifying divided nation under one nation. A country is composed of different ethnic groups, and these different ethnic groups are having their vision for their well-being. A monarchy system has the natural power to accept one ethnic image as an inspiration for the rest of the nation and allowing other ethnic groups to integrate their visions into different ethnic groups. It creates harmony in a country.

The republic system appeared at the time of the industrial revolution in the European continent. The feudal lords could no longer hide behind castle walls because the cannons brought the castle walls down. The feudal lords no longer found serfs to be useful and let the serfs live the land and take refugee in the cities who began to work in the factories for the duration of 16 or 18 hours a day, seven days a week without any form of protection.

The French Revolution of 1799 shifted the political system of the monarchy to a republic system. Napoleon Bonaparte had occupational mobility base on his merit and not because he came from a noble family. The religious organizations were not shakers and movers of a nation. Religious organizations focused on the task of life and death. It developed a system of checked and balanced to make sure power is not abused, but instead, it is used to empower a nation. The republic system has a flaw. The system allows opportunistic individuals to have power, and political actors make decisions that benefit them solely. The unity of the nation is less effective, and the system moves toward federalism. In the method of the republic, it is highly likely a country disintegrated among ethnic groups or political values.

The class system of nobility vanishes and the order of meritocracy emerge in society. Emile Durkheim’s external forces to shape a person’s behavior replaces with Max Weber’s philosophy that education would enable individuals to have occupational mobility.

In conclusion, a nation is at the peril of disintegration due to political actors. This integration is stemming from a wide range of issues, it could be a political actor is seeking self-glory, or there are issues at stake which cannot be resolved and causes a portion of the nation to declare itself an independent nation. The last factor is the power struggle in society. The class system creates a power struggle in society. In a monarchy system creates a class system based on family origin. The republic system has a merit system that allows each person to reach their potentiality through hard work and education. However, there is a flaw in this system. The ratio of the individuals who skip the cycle of poverty, it is deficient because of barriers in society made to keep others at the base, and others take the lion portion of the economic pie.

Post COVID-19 International Relations

This article had two critical points for me. One it is China and the Islamic Republic of Iran are posing a threat to the global security and negative economic aspect of the COVID-19 will reverberate on the developing nations.

China and the Islamic Republic of Iran allied with each other. They have some foreign policy that other nations are posing a threat to their security and must wage war against their enemies. The COVID-19 is an excellent example when China has a contagious disease; China can deploy them around the world without blasting a nuclear bomb. The diseased can bring down the economy of the world and destroy nations without raising a red flag. When the COVID-19 was spreading in China, some Chinses came to Iran and went to the city of Qom to study Islamic theology. The COVID-19 spread in Iran and from Iran it spread around the world. Thus China and Iran now they know that they can have diseases in this nature and take the world hostage.

This is no question that COVID-19 has had and will continue to have an enormous impact on Canada’s economy partnerships, and trade its humanitarian role and ability to provide aid to other nations. Today, Canada borrowed money to provide safety and security to Canadians. There are not many funds left over to provide financial assistance to other nations.

In conclusion, the dynamic of international relations has changed. The world has become a less safe place as it was before.

Stop Worrying

I am writing this paper from the point of a person who experienced the 1979 Revolution in Iran. I went through the 1980 to 1988 Iran and Iraq War and lived in Turkey as a refugee from 1988 to 1991. I have been living in Canada since 1991. I faced countless challenges in my life. I even walked toward my demise intentionally.

I am a 49 years old man and know this what I am writing; it is base on wisdom. Stop thinking that Canada is going to move toward anarchy. Canada will not be moving toward chaos due to a shortage of food, disease, or anything that comes to your mind. You, YOU will overcome this situation, YOU proved it when people of Toronto encountered 2003 blackout, no one hurt anyone. Hospitals released a report after nine months that there was a surge of newborn babies.

I went through the cycle of titanic violence in my life. I never saw people hurt anyone. People stood side by side and helped one another. Right now, Iranians are facing a shortage of food and medicine, and Iranians are helping one another. They are not trusting in the system anymore.

My base is Jesus and God, who in Mathew 6:25 Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothes? Even if I die now because it is God’s will. It means that I served God, and it is time for me to answer to Him about my deeds. We are not on this earth forever.

Oh, about those paper tissues, take one minute shower, it is a lot cleaner than anything else.

Regime Change in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran adopted the Machiavellian political doctrine of fear, fraud, and force. It is a system that does not have the will and consent of Iranians to govern. Thus, it is an illegitimate system; it is functioning without the approval of Iranians. The system cultivated an atmosphere of anarchy, and that is how it has remained in power in Iran. The system has a final goal to spread its plan around the globe. The regime in Iran will do that.

In the past, the western nations were not concerned about the Islamic Republic of Iran proliferating nuclear capability. The western countries assumed the regime in Iran would not be able to have atomic bombs because the United Nations would curb the system in Iran’s ambition.

Now, the world climate changed since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The regime in Iran knows that it does not need to have nuclear power to disrupt and destroy the western nations’ economies. As long as the regime in Iran can infect several individuals with deadly infections virus and deploy them around the world legally, the regime in Iran can walk away from its crime without any consequences. The system in Iran is not alone; it has allies like Russia and China that they, too, want to destroy the world. Russia and China are pursuing venues to interfere in the domestic affairs of Canada. 1 Thus, Canada is no longer a safe place from the rest of the world. Canada does not have a land connection with rogue nations. However, the rouge nations Trojan horses can come to Canada and destroy the way of Canada.

In the past, Canada was hesitant to help Iranians dissidents to topple the regime in Iran because the regime in Iran did not pose a direct security threat to Canada. Now, the regime in Iran does pose a direct and severe security threat to Canada. It is about time Canada begins to pursue venues to topple the regime in Iran so that Canada would defend its sovereignty. 


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